State government project

Andrew Battleson, Mason Junker, Nathan Ballard

State representative- Jim Murphy (recently was awarded an A+ rating by Americans for prosperity)

Kenny Marchant the representative of district 24 which covers the Coppell area

About Kenny Marchant

Kenny Marchant is a Texas native that was educated by and graduated from Southern Nazarene University. His strong work ethic and good businessman he started his own construction and home building business in which he was able to provide jobs. This is what taught him the importance of entrepreneurship. His great integrity and love for helping others drove him to work with public service and eventually run for the Carrollton city council and was elected mayor. He was later elected as the 24th district representative in 2004.

His political beliefs are based on strong conservative values. These beliefs consist of limited government, lower taxes, pro-life, and enforcing the laws on immigration and border control. His conservative political stance appeals to most of Texas and makes him a great representative for our district.

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Coppell ISD and District Statistics

Total Coppell isd student count- 11,329 students

Percentage of population ages 18-64- 66%

Percent of population with college education- 44.6%

Education compared to rest of state- Percent of population in Texas with a college education is 26.7%

Occupation of district- The most common occupation is management in business, science, and art at 181,664 civilians.

Compared to state- It is a far less common occupation in the state of Texas.

Texas Department Of Criminal Justice

Mission statement: The mission of the Texas department of criminal justice is to provide public safety, promote positive change in offender behavior, reintegrate offenders into society, and assist victims of crime.
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How the agency impacts the residents

1.Provides public safety to the residents of that area

2. Assists offenders in making better choices.

3. Arrests offenders for the crime committed so the court can decide on the punishment.

Different jobs within the TDCJ.

Police officer

~Specializes in law enforcement daily, dealing with emergencies and criminal justice.

Corrections officer

~Consists of working with offenders after they are arrested. Working in jails and containing criminals.

Information technology division

The Information Technology Division provides automated information services and support to all divisions within TDCJ, the Board of Pardons and Paroles, Correctional Managed Health Care, and other external entities as needed.

TDCJ news article

The criminal justice department employs several thousand military veterans. The similar military structure appeals to veterans as it's what they are the most used to. The department admires their work experience and technical skills they received from the military. It's a great opportunity for former military and something the department takes great pride In