Mt.Peak Elementary Newsletter

March 24

Springing into Spring at Mt.Peak Elementary!

So many great things are happening this spring. So as we spring forward checkout our Newsletter from last quarter. Each grade level and subject highlighted will give a bit of insight into what was accomplished this past quarter as well as some things to come. Enjoy!

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Pre-K News

The past few months in PreK we have learned about winter, jungle and desert animals and dinosaurs.

We've been making patterns, begun rhyming, and worked on opposites.

We exchanged valentine cards with our classmates, which was great practice writing all of our friend's names.

We loved celebrating Dr. Seuss week with green eggs and ham, crazy socks day and we had a very Wacky Wednesday.


During January and February our PPCD students (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities) learned about places in the world around them like the jungle, desert and the farm. We talked about the machines used on a farm and where food like eggs and milk come from. In March we started talking about the sky and concepts including day time and night time, weather and the seasons. Of course we also exchanged valentines, popped out of a hole like Ground hogs and learned about Abraham Lincoln , George Washington and Martin Luther King to celebrate holidays.

We are working on recognizing numerals 1 to 10, making and recognizing 1 – 5 dots without counting . Some rhymes that we have learned are Hickory Dickory Dock, The Queen of Hearts and Hey Diddle Diddle. We also added a few new sight words to our Word Wall including : have, to, like & purple and hope that our PPCD parents practice these sight words (along with colors, shapes, letters and letter sounds) to help their children be better prepared for Kindergarten.

Well….I hear animal noises coming from our barnyard farm in the drama center. Stop in and say “HOWDY” anytime y’all!

Sharon Bieber
PPCD Teacher
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Kindergarten News

We are beginning to take off in Kindergarten as we begin to use the skills that we have learned up until this point. We are going to be writing in our journals for longer periods of time each day while we learn how to write more developed sentences. We have learned about penguins as we looked at their habitats and how they provide for their young. We also learned about bears and other animals that hibernate in the winter. The 100th day of school was a lot of fun to celebrate. We ate 100 snacks, made a Fruit Loop necklace with 100 Fruit Loops, and many other fun activities. It was fun making Valentines to show our loved ones how much we care about them. We later learned about the responsibilities of the President and then went on to discuss the different community helpers that we encounter on a daily basis. We enjoyed looking for the Leprechaun and writing to him as well. We just finished learning about the different types of weather and how to stay safe in dangerous weather.

Thank you so much for sharing your precious children with us. We look forward to the rest of the year and being able to watch them blossom into future first graders.

Kindergarten Teachers

1st Grade News

First graders have stayed busy growing and learning about the world around them during the 3rd Quarter of school. Our focus in reading/social studies this last 9 weeks has been expository (nonfiction) text. First grade students have had the opportunity to learn about American holidays, presidents, and inventors that have molded our country into the great place that it is today. Students have used books, online encyclopedias, and other research media sources to learn more about the world around them. Students used the research they learned and practiced writing expository texts about the information.

In Science, we researched polar animals. Students visited the library for 2 weeks to meet with Miss Watkins to learn how to write an expository text. They were able to each use a computer in the library to research their polar animal. They studied about their bodies, habitats, and where they belong on the food chain. Students organized their facts about the animals using circle and tree thinking maps.

1st graders have been busy sharpening their Math skills, too. They practiced learning to make fact families with math equations and even used algebraic thinking to find a missing addend in a math sentence. We also worked on identifying and counting coins, and telling time on an analog and digital clock. Students loved finishing out the last part of the 9 weeks celebrating all things about Dr. Seuss. It was a great time to review concepts such as rhyming, alliteration, antonyms, and many other great 1st grade reading concepts that are sprinkled throughout Seuss books!

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2nd Grade News

Students in 2nd grade have been busy! In reading/language arts, students read stories in different genres and was thrilled to read “Dex: The Heart of a Hero” by the Buehners. This was the author the students skyped with earlier in the year. The focus for writing this nine weeks was friendly letters. The students wrote letters to different real and fictional people.

Who remembers “School House Rock”. The students were able to learn about different content areas by watching a production at Casa Mana in Fort Worth.

Celebrating Black History was the focus for February. Students learned about Harriet Tubman, Thurgood Marshall, George Washington Carver, Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, and many others. They also told how they would feel in Ruby Bridges’ shoes.

Pirates were in the building looking for treasure. Students used their knowledge of the continents to unlock the clues.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss by reading some of our favorite books and creating projects. We also enjoyed eating green eggs and ham!

2nd graders created their STEAM project inspired by “Cain’s Arcade”. This is worth looking up on YouTube. Each classroom created different arcade games using cardboard. They created commercials about their games, a budget, and rotated through the rooms playing them.

We ended this nine weeks celebrating Peep Day. Students were responsible for their own baby peep and took care of it as if it was their own. Other activities surrounded the day and the students had a blast.

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3rd Grade News

It is hard to believe that we just finished our third 9 weeks!! This year is flying by! We have been very busy in third grade. We had a fun-filled field trip at Casa Manana watching School House Rock learning all the fun grammar songs! In our science classes, students have been researching different planets in the solar system and completing their solar system project. Students enjoyed CSI Day, where they dissected owl pellets to learn more about the food chain and experimented with candy conversation hearts for a dancing hearts experiment. They have also been watching the model of the water cycle, so they can see exactly how evaporation, condensation, and precipitation looks. In reading, the students are currently reading the novel, The Mouse and the Motorcycle. For Black History month, the students enjoyed their research project and learning more about famous African American athletes and inventors. Students strengthened their compare and contrasting skills while learning more about these important people. In math, the students learned about personal financial literacy, which is now a part of the third grade teks. Financial literacy teaches how to earn money, budget, save, and spend. Students have also spent a great deal of time learning fractions, including equivalent fractions and fractions on a number line. Daily, students participate in math groups to reinforce daily skills and practice their multiplication facts. The students are also learning about business and the open market through financial literacy in Social Studies. Students enjoyed our STEAM day, learning sign language, building marshmallow catapults, painting with a pop art twist, creating geometric structures with straws, cooking pancakes, and creating videos through Stop Motion Animation. We have had a great nine weeks and look forward to all the fun activities coming up!

4th Grade News

Writing – 4th grade

The students have been working hard to polish their writing skills these past few

weeks. Many of them have shown dramatic improvement since the start of the 2nd

semester, and we are extremely proud of their hard work and dedication.

In addition to their compositions, the students also continue to demonstrate

mastery of grade-appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. This is, of

course, an on-going expectation, and the students will be required to show that they

understand how to apply this knowledge throughout the rest of the year.

We would like to thank all the 4th grade parents for all your help with the writing

homework over the past weeks. Your input and assistance has really helped to

strengthen the students’ confidence and stamina!

Mrs. Duggins and Mrs. Mitchell


Time has flown by so quickly, we cannot believe that spring break has come and gone.

We have been reviewing all the skills we have learned this year. We will be taking all of

these skills and applying them to our everyday reading!! We have been working on all of

our test-taking strategies and work with one passage daily! We encourage our students

to read for pleasure for several minutes in our classroom, but want our students to read

for pleasure at home as well. We want our students to develop a love for reading and

learning!! Since the STAAR test will be upon us very quickly, we are preparing and

encouraging your child to perform his or her best!! This has been an amazing year, and

we have truly loved our time with your child!!

Mrs. Crowther and Mrs. Mitchell


Fourth grade math has been quite a challenge this quarter. Students have been

working on fractions and decimals as well as measurement skills. During the STAAR

administration, students will have access to a chart of measurement conversion. In real

life they do not have this list as they are going throughout their daily lives, so we believe

it important to memorize these conversions. We have learned many tips on

remembering amounts of liquid in cups, pints, quarts, and gallons. Ask your child to

share a few.

5th Grade News

In 5th grade Reading, we worked on biography and historical fiction projects. We also completed dioramas of scenes from our fantasy books. For our read aloud, we enjoyed The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann. In Social Studies, we studied American History from Manifest Destiny through the events leading to the Civil War. In Science, we studied Earth Science and did the catapult challenge. We also learned about Rube Goldberg . Finally, in Math, we learned about financial literacy, data analysis, ordering fractions and decimals on the number line, and multiplying and dividing fractions.


Art News!

What a great nine weeks we have had! Some of us painted, some worked with clay, while others are drawing still-life pictures. Fourth grade students are weaving. One weaving is yarn, and another is t-shirts woven onto hula-hoops. Look forward to seeing the ceiling tiles 5th graders are currently painting, as well as oil pastel design by 2nd graders and watercolor/glitter painting by kindergartners.

Your Art Guide,

Captain Coody.​


“Hooray to the First Graders” for their fabulous performance

a few weeks ago in “Hooray for the USA ”. Their patriotic salute with

many of America’s most beloved songs and symbols along with their

presentation of America’s heroes certainly brought to mind how blessed

we are to live in the United States. A triple “Hooray” goes to the many

hard working moms, dads and grand-moms for their many hours given

to decorating the gym, painting many,many patriotic t-shirts, and

assisting with both dress rehearsals, as well as, the evening

performance. The many dedicated volunteers are deeply


Mt. Peak Second Graders will be presenting their music

program called Squirm on Thursday, April 14th at 8:30 A.M. for the

school and then at 6:30 P.M. for parents and families. Everyone is

invited to join the is evening of wiggles and squiggles as “Itsy Bitsy

Spider”, Daddy Long Legs, Garden Worm, Sassy Snake, and a host of

other critters take over the gym garden. While these critters can

make us “Squirm”, they all may just teach us they are “A-OK”.

The Mt. Peak Spring Choir is sounding great already. Practices are

every Thursday from 2:45-4:45 P.M. with a few optional “pizza

practices” on a few Fridays. The Mt. Peak Spring Choir will be singing

for the PTO meeting April 7 at 6:30. Then on April 28th, the Mt. Peak

Choir will participate in the “Pride of Texas Music Festival Contest”

held again this year at “ITZ” in Euless. The choir will leave Mt. Peak at

11:00A.M. and return to Mt. Peak about 6:30 P.M. Parent chaperones

will be needed. More details will be arriving soon.

Kindergarten’s program will be Thursday May 19th at 6:30 P.M.

in the gym. The theme of this fun evening will be “At the Beach … I

Can!” Students will perform summer songs and activities celebrating all

that they have achieved in their Kindergarten year.

Any parents interested in helping with the 2nd or Kinder

Programs may contact Ms. Newman at 817-228-1075 or by the

parent response slip. Again, many thanks to the mom, dad, and

grandparent volunteers whose creative hands always help

programs !

PE at Mt.Peak

We did it! We finished our Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart fundraiser this year by raising a total of $15,839.61, a new Mt. Peak record!!! This meant that Mt. Peak fundraisers earned the right to see Coach Probst get taken down by a K9 dog! Our top fundraisers will also have the opportunity to have a "Play date in the Park," along with a frozen treat! Thanks to all the parents, family, and friends who helped us raise the money for the American Heart Association to help save lives!

Rowdy Runners is underway for the Spring season, and we are getting ready for our very own 5K, the 4th Annual Rowdy Run 5K, scheduled for 8:30am on Saturday, April 23rd. Students and their families will be able to run through downtown Midlothian and finish at Kimmel Park, where other festivities await at the finish line - there will be family-friendly music and inflatable fun to celebrate afterwards! If you are interested in signing up, just go to the online registration at or get a registration form from Coach Probst.

In PE class this last grading period, students had the chance to perfect their jump roping and basketball skills in preparation for our Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart event. We've worked on throwing, catching, and batting skills during our baseball/softball unit. The older kids also practiced their puck handling, passing, and shooting skills in a mini-hockey unit.

This next month, 3rd-5th grade students will participate in the FitnessGram, a physical fitness assessment required by the state of Texas. They will test in five different areas to determine their level of physical fitness and where they need improvement. More information is coming soon!

For more information on the Mt. Peak PE program, please visit the official website at


Gifted and talented students have been creating, designing, researching, thinking critically, collaborating, and challenging each other this quarter. They are working on their Texas Performance Standards Projects and pursuing their passions. Be on the look out for their final projects this quarter. Cannot wait to watch their passions come to life!

GT / Imagine Spotlight on Fourth Grade

Fourth graders have been exploring "Force" as part of their scientific investigations this past grading period. Students were challenged to create a series of chain reactions or forces and demonstrate what they learned to classmates. Here are a couple of peak views of their explorations in the world of physics.

Have fun creating your own "Chain Force Reaction" by visiting the following websites:


ESL Students have been very busy this 9 Weeks! Kindergarten ESL Students studied word families, rhyming words, and sight word sentences. 1st grade ESL Students learned hunks and chunks chants to help with their reading. They also authored books on the Book Creator App about school helpers. 2nd and 3rd grade ESL Students learned hunks and chunks chants to help with reading and spelling. In addition, they wrote personal narratives and expository paragraphs about social studies, science, and math topics.
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ESL Students have been very busy this 9 Weeks! Kindergarten ESL Students studied word families, rhyming words, and sight word sentences. 1st grade ESL Students learned hunks and chunks chants to help with their reading. They also authored books on the Book Creator App about school helpers. 2nd and 3rd grade ESL Students learned hunks and chunks chants to help with reading and spelling. In addition, they wrote personal narratives and expository paragraphs about social studies, science, and math topics.

Nurse Cuellar

-Immunization Clinic

Saturday April 23, 2016

9am- Noon

MHS Library

More information will be available soon. Check the MISD website or contact your

school nurse for additional details.

Other immunization clinic resources

 Care Van-

 Hope Clinic-

 Department of Health Clinic- Cleburne and Dallas are the closest

 Your local medical provider’s office

-Medical and special needs summer camp registration open now. I have information

available for theses special summer camps. If you are interested in getting more

information or to see if your student qualifies, please contact me.


Please remember that any medication that is brought to school needs to be in the

original container with a label on it. When sending medication to school, it must be

accompanied by a written request from parent/guardian or physician indicating the

name of the medication, dose, time to be given and any other pertinent information.

Medication forms can be obtained from the MISD website or the school nurse. All

medication must be brought to the nurse’s office upon arrival to school.

According to our handbook, fever is any temperature 100.0 or higher. Children with

fever 100.0 or higher will be sent home. The child needs to remain at home until he/she

is fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications.

Remember, good hand washing is the best way to prevent infection and illness.

Feel free to call or email for any questions or concerns.


Donnelle Cuellar, RN

Mt Peak Elementary School Nurse