Welcome To Petville!

By Hannah

Petville, created by Hannah and Angelina

Petville is a city where every pet is welcome. There are plenty of places to visit including: Meow movie theatre, Snouter plaza, and much much more! If you're looking for a place to swim on a hot summer day, Labrador Lake is the place for you! Or, if you're wanting to do a little shopping when you're cooped up in your house, Snouter Plaza is a perfect place to go! Petville comes with a bunch of fun things to do, I hope you come to visit!


How I followed the rubric

I followed the rubric by using at least 4 of each of the shapes, 3D and 2D. I also used all of the angles and type of lines. Another thing I used was creativity, what I think is the most creative is Snouter Plaza. I think that Angelina and I had at LEAST a 2 on each of the things.

Special thanks to...


Mrs. Boghetich for giving us a chance to do this amazing project