The Warrior Weekly

Week of March 21st

Quote of the Week! " I love my evaluate scores like Olaf loves hugs!"

This week our classes took their March evaluate tests. As has been the case for nearly the entire year, I am asked to stop by rooms that are full of students ready to share their most recent growth. Students and teachers are excited by the progress they have shown.

While I was leaving a 4th grade classroom this past week a student stopped me because she said she needed to tell me just how much she liked seeing her evaluate scores. Her exact words were " I love my evaluate scores like Olaf loves hugs"! I immediately asked her if I could share this in my newsletter and she said "absolutely" with a huge smile on her face. Setting goals, working hard to meet those goals, and seeing results is truly powerful! I can not say enough about the hard work of both our students and staff this year. Please take a few minutes to ask your students about their scores and what their goals are for the upcoming month. They are proud to share what they have already accomplished and eager to continue their progress!

As always please call, email, or stop by with any questions, comments, or ideas.

Proud to Be a Warrior!!

Jeff Schultz

Heading in the right direction!

I love the direction the blue line is heading! I think you are really going to love the growth when the final results are in for March!
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Below is a link to the Front Row website. We are utilizing this online resource throughout the day to assist with interventions, enrichment, as well as differentiated instruction during our math block.


Did you know that we announce classrooms with 100% attendance from the previous day each morning. Last week there was a day where we were able to announce that 6 of our classrooms had every student in attendance for the entire day! Attendance remains strong at the Intermediate this year! Consistent attendance is vital to the success of our students and we thank you for continuing to make this a priority!

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The Counselor's Corner

Hello Warriors!

In the upcoming weeks I plan to share some videos that I have and will be showing to our Intermediate Warriors. Each one of them are designed to help our students deal with teasing and put downs, both intentional and unintentional in nature. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs.Bridget Baker

School Counselor

Winfield Intermediate

Grandma Rose's Neighborhood #1 A Tease is a hook
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Upcoming events!

This week at Winfield Intermediate!

Monday February 21st: Beginning of a great week!

Tuesday March 22nd: Front Row

Spring Picture Day!

Bell choir!

Wednesday March 23rd: Talent Show- 8:00 Intermediate gym

Thursday March 24th: School in session-Final day before Spring Break!

NoFront Row math club

Friday March 25th:

No School Spring Break!

Coming soon!

Welcome Back on April 4th!

Map testing will begin in the final week of April. Look for a full schedule in the upcoming weeks.

The Ultimate Warriors!!

Our newest crew of Ultimate Warriors are David, Bailey, Eli, Mackenzie, Charos, and Kade! We are proud to present them to the Board this month!
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March Warriors of Wonder!

We are extremely proud of our newest group of WOW students!!!!

Good in the World!

There is so much good in the world and in our community! I hope that all of our young Warriors are able to find a way to not only see the good but to find a way to make that good even better!
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