Falling for First Quarter Review

Review work For October 17-25

Wishful Wednesday October 19th appetizer

Today you will take your last review quiz for OA 4 factors, multiples, and primes in Mastery Connect

Wednesday appetizer

1. Log into bubble sheet.

2. Enter the code on the board.

3. Take the cfa on oa4

Red and Yellow Side Dish

1. Watch the learn zillion video.

2. Complete 5 of the mathplayground practice comparison problems.

3. See Ms. Lewis to do the practice worksheet and turn in on paper.

Wednesday Blue & Green Side Dish choice

Wednesday Dessert

Please work on the dessert with a partner in your group if you have submitted your main course

Thinking Through the Powers Thursday, October 20th

Thursday appetizer

Play the converting numbers game!

Use the abcyaa base ten blocks to help you build unknown numbers.

Practice drawing a place value chart/house on paper for memory

Powers of Ten Yellow or redSide Dish

1. Watch the review video below.

2. See Ms. Lewis for the practice review worksheet on paper.

Learn Zillion powers of ten

Powers of Ten House Blue & Green Side Dish

1. Make a copy.

Each person in the group will be assigned a place value!

Thursday Dessert

Frightened of Zeroes Friday

The count is Frightened of Numbers that Don't end in Zero

He wants to round all numbers so that they end in Zero today!

Help the count round up to the millions

Friday appetizer

OA 2 quiz

Yellow and Green groups watch this first

1. Watch the play posit and then get the practice worksheet from Ms. Lewis

Rounding Task Cards Green

1. Use the paper clips and laminted task cards

2. Photo your work from the task cards into a blank google drive.

Blue Side Dish Choice

Rounding Dessert

Party Word Problem Appetizer

You’re planning a party. Eight people are going to be at the party.

Jordan is bringing 24 cupcakes.

Jack is bringing 16 cookies.

Emma is bringing 48 fun sized candy bars.

Hannah is bringing 32 mini bags of chips.

Using 4 different manipulatives or drawings, show how to share each of the treats equally between all the people. at your table!

Do these numbers have a common factor?

Final Class Task Card Review Monday, October 24th

You will work on these REview slide Task Cards!

You must show all your work numbered on loose leaf or photo it into google slides!

Every ten minutes you will rotate partners!

Enter your final answers in google drive!

Submit your work to your review folder in learn!

Finish REview KSS if done early!

All homework folders will be returned on Tuesday!

Monday Tuesday Dessert

Sum it up Tuesday, 25th & Thursday Halloween Party Thursday, October 27th

Sum Up What you have learned this quarter!

Rounding Appetizer Tuesday

Discovery Task: (Work Individually)

1. On a daily basis the White Roller Coaster at Lagoon can hold 2,638 riders. A park official rounded that number to 3,000. To what place was this number rounded. Was this as close to the accurate number as you could get, or is there a better place to round it to? What would that estimate be?

2. Now, look up the amount of passengers on your favorite ride. Round in two different ways. Then see if a partner can guess your original number.

3. Multiply your rounded number by 1000.

4. Divide your rounded number by 100.

Dessert Practice game

Think Tank (Bonus games if you finish early)

These games are for early finishers for this week