Grace Wexler

The Westing Game


Grace Wexler is a character in The Westing Game

Key passage

"Oh, there you are." Grace Wexler acted as if Turtle was the tardy one, but she quickly sweetened. "Come, dear, let's go to your room and i'll fix your hair."

Her mother sat behind her in the edge of the narrow bed, loosened the dark brown hair, and brushed it to a gloss. She had not done that with such care in a long, long time. pg. 54 & 55

"You know sweetheart i'm rather hurt you won't tell your own mother your clues."

So that was it. She should have known.

"My lips are sealed."

"Just one eensy-beensy clue?" Grace wheedled, winding a rubber band around the end of the braid. pg.55

About the key passeges

1. Grace is doing Turtle's hair so she can reach up to the point that she asks for her clues and she is hoping Turtle will tell her all of them.

2. Grace is trying to get Turtle do tell Grace her clues, so that her and Mr. Hoo can find out who the murderer is.

Internal conflict

Grace Wexler's internal conflict is that she doesn't know who she is, and she wants to impress people what she does and she only cares about what people think, like when she was first buying the apartment she was thinking in her head 'Just wait until her so-called friends of hers with their classy houses see this place.' pg.3

But closer to he end of the book she starts to change, like the 2nd time they gathered up in the Westing mansion and she wrote down 'Restauranteur' pg. 144 so by that point she finally knows what she does, what her position is.

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