Gurp Characters

Preston's Gurp Chatacter: Flaze

A thief that is half human half orangutan. Living in the wilderness, it dislikes cities or anywhere that it is crowded. Flaze is generally calm and quiet. He has broken many deals and lives a dishonest life of crime. Nobody ever trusted him so he lives on his own deep in the dark forest.


Two poison dipped daggers, a master bow made purely from the wood of an enchanted oak, and an iron pointed spear stolen from a kingdom guard. Flaze also has a cloak along with three unknown potions. This cloak that he owns allows him to become invisible. Stolen after killing the Ancient One, he has the ring that gives him immortality (from ageing).

Marshall's Gurp Character: Polar Gator Squirrel Man

A polar-gator-sqirl that has an unknown gender and age.

Class: Trained elite knight/ guard

Advantages: Battle Axe, fast swimmer, armor, ability to control water

Disadvantages: Slow moving, Face exposed, Slow on land, weak mind

Skills: Attack- 6 Skill level- 7

Defense- 2 Water control- 8