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Ancient Egypt Government had a core, inner core, and outer core. Basically that means there were three main parts of the government with details. The core was Pharaoh, in our day this would sound wrong. There was always one Pharaoh at a time. Pharaoh was a title not a name. The Pharaoh is kind of like the President in modern day. The Pharaoh was in control of everything you owned. Your clothes,money,food,and your house.

The Pharaoh had...

  1. An Army
  2. A Police Force
  3. Lots of Ministers
  4. Government Officials
  5. His Vizier


The vizier's job was to gather all the updated reports everyday from all the top officials. Then he/she will sum up all the reports everyday and tell the Pharaoh what had happened all over Egypt. The Pharaoh needed that so he will address any issues.
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Ancient Egyptian Government

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The Social Pyramid

The Social Pyramid involves government because it depends on your place in Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs were the highest and slaves were the lowest. Government officials were important because they helped the Pharaoh make his job easier.


Aside from the Pharaoh agriculture was a big part in the government and economy of Ancient Egypt. My source states that it was the foundation. The peasants were the ones who did a lot of the agriculture.

Fun Facts About the Government In Ancient Egypt

  1. The wives of the Pharaohs were the second most powerful people in the land after the Pharaohs.
  2. Pharaohs would hold court for his top officials and high priests. People would approach him and kiss the ground at his feet.
  3. Citizens had to pay taxes to support the government


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This music was played for the highest government officials, Pharaoh. While you are reading or as you go out. Listen to 30 seconds of this song.

Egyptian Music About Pharaoh Ramses II

Ancient Egyptian Music - Pharaoh Ramses II