Lord of the Flies

by: William Golding

Who's side are you on?

Ralph or Jack

Join Ralph

Ralph is one of us, he is just a regular guy. He gives everyone a voice. He is a great leader. Ralph has already shown his leadership skills by assigning teams that ensure our survival, peace, and order.

He believes in democracy, where reason and common sense rules. This will lead us to safety and being rescued. He holds meeting where everyone can speak.

Piggy states, "Ralph is a good person who treats us all equally and with respect, so if you respect your life, you will stand with Ralph." "These are desperate times and we need a smart logical leader."
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Join Jack

Everyone is joining Jack. He will lead us to kill the monster,and if you don't then you will die with Ralph. Jack will hunt for food and fight for our lives, so you will have food and saftey. Nothing can stop you if you join Jacks tribe.
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