3rd Grade Weekly Update

October 5th - October 9th

What a great fourth week of school! We appreciate all of your support and are enjoying our time with your children.

Objectives for the week...

Reading: We will identify and describe character traits and feelings as we continue reading various fiction texts.

Writing: We will revise and edit our fictional narrative rough draft, we will also publish and share our stories with friends. We will practice the spelling pattern ay and ai.

Social Studies: We will identify the characteristics of urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Math: We will take our Place Value assessment on Wednesday, and then will begin our unit on addition. We will use strategies to add multiple digit numbers. We will use our place value knowledge to regroup when adding.

Science: We will continue our study of the properties of matter, focusing on sink/float. We will take our first science test on Tuesday over physical and measurable properties of matter. Review is below, please have your child look over it to be prepared.


Please make sure you are checking your child's grades on TAC. Due to the short 9 weeks and getting into a routine for school, we will not be sending progress reports home. If you have any questions or concerns on grades, please email your child's teacher and we will set up a time to discuss. Thank you-3rd Grade Team

Vocabulary Website to Help at Home

Click on the green book. We are working on unit 2.


3rd Grade Rounding and Money Websites to Support at Home:

https://www.mathsisfun.com/rounding-numbers.html (ignore the decimal part)



*You can create numberlines with chalk and have students place a number on the numberline and then see which number it is closest to, to round to that number.

*You can find change around the house and have your child add the change up to find the total.

3rd Grade MATTER Resources and Ideas to Practice at Home for Science:

Have your child create their own float and sink lab. Have them find objects around the house and place them in water. They can create a table on which objects float and which sank. They then need to make observations about the mass and volume of the objects and why they had that outcome.

3rd Grade Homework and Tests

Math: Place Value Part 2 Assessment October 7th


Science: Our first assessment in science will be October 6th, the review will be sent out electronically on October 2nd. You can also clink on this link to find it:


Writing: We will have a spelling test over long a words with the spelling pattern ay and ai.

Social Studies: None


*We will continue to have beginning of the year testing in different subject areas to assess where students are in their learning.

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