da Vinci HS Learning Intensive

Genealogy 2015

Genealogy Intensive da Vinci 2015

Group that attended the Jackson District Library
David, Kyle, Julie, Morghen, A'Lisa, Taylor, Ashley, Sierra, Eli, Alexandra

Genealogist Help

Genealogist Available in Jackson, MIchigan.
The Jackson County Genealogical Society Library
211 W. Ganson Street, Suite 170
Jackson, Michigan
Tuesday and Thursday 1-5
Saturday 10-4

Class of Mary Wood

The many things we learned

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A Few of the Things "WE" have Learned

Student Responses:


I enjoyed learning, and hope that in the future I can find someone in my family to do research with me.


I have enjoyed learning about my family and surprised by those I did not know existed, I want to pass on what I have learned for future posterity.


I have enjoyed going back to find who is who, whose parents belong to who and how everyone is related.
I really liked that through research I went back 5 generations on my fathers side.


I would like to give the information I have gathered to my brother, so he can learn about our family like I have.


I enjoyed this learning intensive, I will continue on with the research, learning all I can about my families history.


I liked finding out about what happened to my fathers dad. In the future, I plan to save for someone else.


It was rad, I plan to use the information for BLACKMAIL, however, besides that I enjoyed learning how to create family art with my photos- ART STUFF is da Bomb!


I want to search more family history, and eat food- I'm HUNGRY!


I searched back three generations on both sides. I plan to give it to my mom- she wants to know this stuff.


I found some interesting things about my family. I want to continue researching- its fun! I like the trips!
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