Auto performance technician

career report assginment Mitchell Dauk

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job description

An auto performance engineer takes a stock car from a manufacture like GM or Ford and increases the vehicles performance. This is done By installing after market performance parts so that it is better than original. Another way of doing this is to electronically tune the car by reprogramming the cars computer system.

Education requirements

A 2 year technical school which Is your associates degree is required for this job. You also need training whether on the job or a school program.

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Personal skills

To be a auto performance engineer you must be mechanically inclined because you'll be working hands on with tools and have to solve mechanical problems. Another helpful skill to have is good math skills because you'll need to measure parts so they will fit the vehicle. You will also need good computer skills because a lot of cars now days can be tuned with laptops that have special software for tuning


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) automotive service technicians and mechanics earned a mean annual wage of almost $39,000.Here in MN technicians and mechanics earn around 38,000. Salaries for this career vary on company and location.


Decent wages

Train in dealer or manufacture sponsored training

Get to work on exotic cars


Certifications required for employment

Heavy lifting

Unconventional hours

High rate of injury

Future demand

Future demand for this career is high because it is a specialty job that not many people go into. It is also in high demand because car performance is ever changing and companies need people who have been trained on new cars.


Higher pay

Manager position

High school prep

Courses that you could take in high school to prepare you for this career are Welding an fab ,IED and Volkational auto
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Related careers

Small engines mechanic

Heating and air conditioning mechanic/installer

Basically any type of mechanic would be related to this career


Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is a college that has a program for auto technicians which is a 51 week program that teaches you the basics of being an auto tech. They also have a specialty program that you can add to the entry program called power and performance. This is a 9 week program you need to take to be an Auto performance tech because it shows exactly what the industry will have you doing in terms of boosting a cars performance.
Universal Technical Institute Power & Performance Course


I chose this career to research because it is something that I think is interesting and is a career that I would enjoy. I also chose this career because it fits my skills of being mechanically inclined and my aptitude of working hands on.