Tragic Death Of An American Idol

By: Chris Trafny

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1962 August, 5th Brent wood, Los Angeles, CA, was the death of america's most treasured female actress Marilyn Monroe. She was 36 when she died and many different forms of what happened have circulated many Americans minds over the years. She died by an overdose of a barbiturate pills.
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Media Portrayal

The Media portrayed her death as a suicidal attempt by her own hand. They believed that Marilyn was suffering a massive case of depression, as also explained by the pills she ingested barbiturate.
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I think that she wasn't murdered like most think. She was suffering from depression which makes sense why she committed suicide. she felt like she needed a lot of pills to calm her depression down, so she took 40 of them.
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Many assassination theorist's believe that Marilyn Monroe's death was a plotted murder by the Kennedy brothers to keep Marilyn's mouth shut about exposing the secret affairs they were having.