Is Obamacare good for America?

Reasons why it's bad :-(

  • Creating a part-time economy.
  • Increasing the cost of health insurance.
  • It's killing jobs.
  • Keeps getting delayed.
  • Millions will loose their current insurance.
  • Punishes the middle class by taxing them more.
  • Numbers of good doctors, will drop.
  • Will make the number of uninsured American's implode.
  • Higher medicare costs.
  • Higher premiums.
  • Uninsured children.

Reasons why its good :-)

  • Expands coverage for young Americans.
  • Makes prescription drugs more affordable for seniors.
  • Reduces childhood obesity and tobacco use.
  • Allows young American's to stay on their parents insurance plan.

What is Obama Care?

It's the "Affordable Care Act" which works to reform American's health care systems.