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Three best Companies of 2015

1.) Nike has been a huge success of 2015. The company has been everywhere around the world. Everyone knows and wears Nike, not just only shoes, but even for clothing of every kind such as shirts, pants, shorts, hoodies, etc. Even the top athletes wear them to this day. Some athletes like Tiger Woods, Kevin Durant, Cristiano Ronaldo, and LeBron James have made really big deals with Nike.

2.)Jordan is another big company of 2015. There is no other shoe company that has a better taste of style and comfort than Jordan. Making one of the most popular shoes every year, and owned by Nike. Even NBA players wear Jordan's which grabs lots of attention everywhere.

3.) Samsung has been one of the best mobile companies by far of 2015. The latest phone they created is called Samsung Galaxy S6 which is not just the best galaxy, but the best smartphone ever created of 2015. Samsung always add something new every year on every smartphone they create.

Two of the best products of 2015

1.) Samsung Galaxy Note 5


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Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Two of the worst products of 2015

1.) Shake dumbells


Shake dumbbells

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Two best movies of 2015

1.) Jurassic World

2.)Avengers Age of Ultron

Jurassic World

Jurassic World is one of the biggest movies of 2015, and also one of the biggest movies of all time. What grabbed a lot of attentions was when they introduced the trailer during the Super Bowl commercials. One of the reason why so many people watch the Super Bowl is either the commercials, halftime show, and also the game. Universal Pictures even announced that the trailer would come out during the Super Bowl commercials which increase a lof of hype, and excitement onced it appeared.
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Avengers Age of Ultron

The first Avengers movie became a successful movie. When Marvel Studios announced that they introduced a second Avengers movie it grabbed so much excitement and a lot of attention out of everyone. It was a strategy that became another successful movie of 2015 right behind Jurassic World.

Top best musical artists of 2015.




Tobymac's new album "this is not a test" became one of the successful album of 2015. His songs had a lot of postive well written lyrics for the listeners that would listen to his songs. He's one of the best Christian hip-hop rappers of 2015, and by far still is.
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NF (Nathan John) is another famous christan hip-hop rapper besides Tobymac but younger.His new album "Mansion" became one the best albums of 2015. His album is mostly about the things he's been through in life from the ups and downs.
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Top 10 NFL richest contracts of 2015

5.) J.J. Watt-$16,667,571

4.) Ndamukong Suh-$19,000,000

3.) Drew Brees-$20,000,000

2.) Cam Newton-$20,800,000

1.) Aaron Rodgers-$22,000,000

New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement-Not do the same mistakes from 2015.

Family and Friends-Spend more times with my friends and family outside the school, and home.

School and Outside World-Be the best and hard-working student I can be in every class.