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Well here finally is issue one of our news flyer - thanks DM for putting me on to smore. If you find these sort of things really annoying then I forgive you for exiting now. However if you stay reading then I promise to try to be mildly entertaining and a smidge informative.

We have pretty much settled in with all 3 kids, yes even Alice, hooking in to extra curricula activities. They have all made some lovely friends so far and have each had at least one visit to medical practitioners - please don't report me yet as locals assure me that this is quite normal. At least I have now sussed out good doctor, dentist, hospital, chemists and the staff and mothers of the schools who are a wealth of health information.

We try to spend as much time in the pool as possible and in fact most social occasions involve swimming. We have our first guests arriving after Easter and are really looking forward to seeing Michelle and Lizzie. If anyone wants to stay, you can contact them afterwards to see if we pass as hosts. We can't promise crisp white linen but there are blinds on most of the windows.

Did you know that the earth spins anti clockwise? - just one valuable tidbit I have learnt in my science teaching journey.

Anthony has settled in well to his job, riding the rollercoaster well, even if his knuckles are a little white some evenings! The kids seem to like having him around more, particularly therese at src meetings where she can have the occasional free dig.

Will managed to survive his first reconciliation, with just enough but not too many sins of about the right size to confess - that took quite some figuring. He forgot to listen to his penance though so not sure if he is reconciled.

We are staying around Darwin for Easter as weather is not good for camping with lots of monsoonal rain predicted, but plan to spend a day at Litchfield relaxing. Hope you all have a relaxing Easter.

OK enough boring words. Thanks for reading and I will attempt to attach some photos to make you green and entice you into visiting!