Dead Metal: The Ultra-Violent!

"Tis but a scratch!"


Registered Villain Name: Dead Metal

Full Name: Robin Banks

Age: 22

Birth Date: 1/6/1993


Banks' body has a combination of grey, black and red in order to make it seem menacing whilst it also has several gadgets located on the wrists, waist and also has several awesome design features placed symmetrically across the torso and lower body. His mask has UV lights that illuminate the diamond-shaped eyes. He has slits for noses and a gas mask that functions as a whistle that makes ultrasounds in order to summon his weaponised drones.

He can control the through this method much like Yondu's yaka arrows.


Banks sure knows how to hold a grudge! After Dover gained his super powers and surpassed all of his classmates Banks became extremely enraged since it was widley known across the school that he was the smartest.

Banks out his knowledge to the test in order to become a super hero and he discovered how to use ultrasounds to manipulate weaponised drones, he even had a cool uniform!

But one day... it all went downhill! Banks forgot that UV lights are dangerous and had them shoot outwards around the eye socket son his uniform. He got eye cancer and was forced to get glass eyes so now he focuses on the sense of hearing. He somehow managed to gain a sonar sense and shortly after losing his sight became super freaking evil!


Banks is a complete douchebag and since he is evil, he has no friends!
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