Tika Epstein is your new PZ12IC!

teepstein@interact.ccsd.net 702-277-1838

Ways Tika and the rest of the PZ12ICs can support you:

  • Model Lessons
  • Co-Teach Lessons
  • Co-Plan lessons
  • Attend and contribute to Grade Level PLCs
  • Co-Plan and Co-Facilitate Professional Development
  • Plan and Facilitate Professional Development
  • Collaborate and assist with STPT.
  • Discuss, analyze, and unwrap NVACS
  • Serve as a liaison for PZ12 schools

Things to ask Tika About:

  • Number Talks
  • Guided reading by Skill
  • Daily 5
  • Accountable Talk
  • Whole Group Math Discussions
  • Imbedding Science and Social Studies
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Performance Tasks
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