book report assignment

the olde man

Detils about the book

Name of the author: Daphne du maurier

number of pages: seven

type of book: imagination


The time of the story: many years ago.

The place: near the beautiful lake and sea

The favorite main character : The author. I chose him because he tells us

what he saw what happened to the old man's family and everything about.

The characters in the story

The old man-The man lives besides the lake. He walked with his head erect like a king. Everybody was afraid of him because he was not nice to people.

he had a wife one son and 4 daughters .

His wife- loved him very muce, hugged and kissed him

His son" Boy"(so called by the author)-Boy always joined to his mother, and the author says that he looks a little bit retarded.

His daughter Tina (so called by the author)-was the youngest girl.

She helped to her Dad to bring heavy things like trees and sometimes fishes from the sea

Best part of the book

I loved the part which telling us about the death child . I chose this section because it is the most thumping part of the story. Because of this part I wanted to read the end of the story


I would not recommend to read this story because we find in the end that the story is about swans and not about people.



This story tells about a family who live near the sea. This family was very strange and lived alone and nobody was friendly. No one spoke with them, and the author discribed all the characters but he didn't approach them Evrey thing is very strange and misunderstand. Only at the end we understand that the family is a bireds family

Harsh words

  1. Already-כבר
  2. arrive-להגיע
  3. lake-אגם
  4. perhaps-אולי
  5. none -אף אחד
  6. edge-קצה
  7. bush-שיח
  8. strong-חזק
  9. wife-אישה
  10. autumn-סתיו
  11. narrow-צר
  12. escape-לברוח
  13. strnange-משונה
  14. approach-להתקרב