Uganda travel guide

The nature country

Come visit this tropical country.

Its location is next to Kenya on the equator while its climate is humid and is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit daily. It has a wet season and dry season making this a savanna. interesting fact about Uganda is a rule that if you cut down a tree you must plant three more to take its place. Lake Victoria which is the second largest fresh water lake is also located in Uganda.

Culture of Uganda

This country has 4 main languages, Bantu, Nilotic, and Central Sudanic. They have many interesting folkways like their Jewish/African music,the dance that they do for ceremonies which only requires movement from the waist down, or the oracles that they have, however 4/5 of Ugandans are Christian. They have a major ban on homosexuality for which the punishment is death, it is also think that cookies and sweets are for children and it is mildly insulting to offer sweets to any adults.

Dillain Lapolice