The South Pole Santa

ever wonder if Santa Claus had a brother or sister?

Santa's brother

Ever wonder if Santa had a twin? Well, he does. But he' s nothing like the Santa that we know. In fact, he's the exact opposite.

From the south pole, is Santa Jaws, who has no beard, no rosy cheeks, no jelly-bowl belly, robots instead of elves, a black coat, makes coal and other bad things for you whether you were good or bad, and has eight flying werewolves instead of reindeer.

Santa Jaws rides in his black sleigh while chanting, "On Nightmare, on Beware, on Warfare and Kitson, on Vomit, on Stupid, on Monster and Dixon!" he shouts instead of the regular reindeer names that you normally hear in the stories that tell you about Santa Claus.

The south pole Santa every Christmas eve puts coal, snakes, rats, and other terrible things in your stockings and releases carpenter ants in your Christmas tree. But this is all before Santa Claus comes to town. Santa Claus knows that his brother does this so he changes it to make you happy on Christmas day, but for the naughty kids, he doesn' t change the presents. That' s why you never see coal in Santa's workshop in the movies.

The Past

Santa Jaws wasn't always like this though. People don't change over night. Santa Jaws blames Santa Claus for his past...

Racing his brother home in the frosty air, slipping on ice, and dodging people who had just finished their Christmas shopping and was hurrying home before their children got home, which wasn't long now because it was a week from Christmas and that means it was Christmas break and every kid was running home to have snowball fights and build snowmen without the worry of homework.

"You'll never catch me Nicholas!" shouted Alexander, who was looking back to see his brother but stopped in his spot because he could not see him. He looked around for a minute and then his brother jumped out from a small road that most people don't take. Alexander screamed but not in a 'somebody help me' sort of way, but in a way that he is having fun and there is no place he would rather be. Then they finally made it home.

"I win!" said Alex.

"No you don' t, I win."

"Boys, boys, stop fighting, it doesn't matter who wins." Their mother said. Then their dog, Archie the beagle, came barking a greeting to them.

"Come on Archie," said Alexander, running into the other room with a toy in his hand, ready to play with Archie.

"You guys ready for Christmas?" their mother asked with a kind, sweet voice.

"Definitely." said Nicholas, "In fact, I..."

"I'm ready for Christmas, mom!" shouted Alexander, not realizing that he interrupted his brother.

"Alexander!" screamed his mother. The room went silent, "What were you going to say, Nick, honey?"

"'s not important." he said looking at his brother who had a disappointed look on his face. His mother looked over to him.

"What are you doing just standing there?" his mother asked, "Go get some wood for the fire, it's just about out." his mother said sternly to Alex. He nodded back and gave one last glance at his brother, the favorite.


It was getting dark and cold out, but Alexander didn't care. He would rather die than go inside and get yelled at for something he didn't do.

Muttering to himself repeatedly, he kept saying that it was just a bad day. But the more he said that, the more angry he got with his mom. Then his brother came out with a cup of hot chocolate topped with whip cream and cinnamon.

"Here, you need it." he said.

"I don't need anything from mom." mumbled Alexander, not to be rude, but because his lips were chapped and it hurt to talk.

"Mom didn't make it, I did." he said. Alexander gave him a long stare to make sure he wasn't trying to trick him. Then he finally took the cup and took a little sip of it.

"I should go somewhere." Alexander said looking out into the street at all the people in the street, walking by, some with friends, some with presents for their children, and some with joyful expressions on their face just because it was the holiday season.

"Where would you go?" asked Nicholas.

"Away. No where particular. Just away." he said while looking into the distance.

"No one wants to hire a boy who ran away, Alex." he said.

"Actually there is one person."

"Who?" asked Nicholas curiously.

"Remember those stories that mom used to tell us?" he asked.

"Which one? There's too many."

"The one with the witch who granted you wherever you wanted to go. Even if it was made up." Alexander said with excitement in his eyes.

"Rubbish.It's a made up story. You'll be searching forever for nothing!" shouted Nicholas.

But it's better than being here." said Alexander calmly, and he started walking away. When he was on the corner, he looked back, and saw that Nicholas, his beloved brother, was still standing there, watching him. But he didn't wave or anything. He just watched.


Alexander never did find the witch. He just wandered, throughout his days, until he ended up in the south pole, ten years later, and that is where he was tired of walking, tired of the voices in his head. That night he found a cave to sleep in and he slept and didn't wake up for a whole week, which was Christmas day.

When he woke up, he went out with a sharp icicle, knowing that he would never find the witch or anyone down in the south pole, which was where he wanted to be. He looked around for any life-form for something to eat. Then he heard a big clanking sound, kinda like metal. So he walked towards the sound.

He was about to turn around and go back to the cave, when he tripped over something in the snow.

He looked down to see what it was, and it was a piece of metal. He looked around and saw that there was more pieces of metal, everywhere!

Over time, Alexander used the metal and built himself a little village and robots out of the metal, and for once, he did something that he was proud of.

A few years later, he caught word that his brother found the witch and he now goes by the name of "Santa Claus." Then he decided to go to the real world and find out as much as he could about Santa Claus.

The Real World

The real world was full of life and everyone was talking, even to themselves.

Alexander didn't like it as he did as a kid. He thought talking was a waste of time and that children shouldn't run around but then again he wasn't allowed to run around as a kid so of course he would think that.

"You there!" he shouted to a boy walking by, " Do you know anybody known as Nicholas Claus?"

"You mean Santa Claus?" the boy replied.

"Santa Claus?" Alex said to the boy while stroking his chin, "Tell me more about this 'Santa Claus'..." he asked then the boy told him all about how Santa Claus came on Christmas eve and gave all the good boys and girls presents. Then Alex got the best idea, but he needed a way to get to the north pole. So he asked the boy if there was any magic in this world.

"Sure there is!" he said excitedly.

Alex gasped, "There is?"

"Yeah, just look for the sandman or the Easter bunny. But it's close to Christmas so you might have trouble finding him. Unless you know there he lives! Do you? Do you know where he lives?" he asked excitedly.

Alex scoffed, "i'm wasting my time." he said and turned away from the boy as if he didn't exist. Then he went back to the south pole to look through his mirror to see his brother.

"He probably doesn't even miss me! He probably doesn't even know that he has a brother anymore. He didn't even try to stop me from running away!"

Then he told his mirror his command and everything changed.


The mirror did show him his brother but it was not what he expected. Nicholas had a wife and many little minions called elves. Only these little creatures make toys instead the things that he makes.

"Santa!" shouted the woman who was apparently his wife, in which was carrying a plate of gingerbread cookies, Alex's favorite cookies, to Santa.

"Oh, thank you Mary-Belle." he said. Then Santa went to an area in the room that had pictures of Alex as a kid. Then he sets the cookies on a shelf by the pictures. Alex then noticed that a tear was running down Santa's cheek. Alex's expression changed from angry and irrational to understanding and actually confused. He was confused on why his brother was sad, and not anything else. Maybe his brother did miss him, maybe it was Alex who didn't like himself..............nah! This was his mom's fault, it was his mom who sent him away. Always playing favorites with Nicholas and treating Alexander like crap.

So Alex decided to mess with his brother every Christmas by putting bad things under the tree for the good kids, but it didn't ruin Santa's reputation because he did it to mess with him. After all, that is what they did as kids.

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