By: Kathryn Erskine


Mockingbird By: Kathryn Erskine is about a girl named Caitlin who has Aspergers'. She lives with her dad. Her brother was killed in a school shooting. She is trying to find closure for her and her dad after her brother's death. During school, Caitlin is trying make friends, and understand emotions, and feelings with the help of her guidance counselor, Mrs. Brook. She goes on this big journey trying to figure out what feeling means what, and how to make friends. Will she make friends, will she be able to figure out people's feelings?


Caitlin- She is a girl with Aspergers' syndrome. She is eleven years old.

Devon- He is Caitlin's older brother. He was killed in a school shooting.

Caitlin's dad- He lives with Caitlin. He loves his daughter. He is Caitlin's only parent.

Mrs. Brook- She is Caitlin's guidance counselor at school. She helps Caitlin with feelings, emotions, making friends, and a lot of other stuff she doesn't understand, because of her Aspergers' syndrome.


Caitlin lives in Virginia. She goes to a school called Virginia Dare Middle School.


In the book, Caitlin is trying to find closure for her and her father. Caitlin is also trying to understand feelings, and emotions, and how to make friends. Caitlin's conflicts are both internal and external.


1) In hopes that we may all understand each other better. (Dedication to book)
2) And I hear the next name. Devon. Joseph. Smith.

My Heart that has been pounding this whole time suddenly seems to stop.

I hear Dad swallow. (Page 227)

3) Her brother was the family member who really listened to her, tried to understand, and taught her helpful behavioral skills. Unfortunately, he is killed in a school shooting, and now, but for her school counselor, she is on her own. (Page 234)