7 Years War

Kenlee Schilling


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The War Began

Saturday, May 15th 1756 at 9pm

Austria's Ally Saxony

The war began on May 15,1756 when Frederick II invaded Austria's ally Saxony.

How Did This Even Happen?

There were two main conflicts that helped cause the 7 Years War.

  • The first one was centered on the maritime/colonial conflict between Britain and its bourbon enemies, France and Spain.
  • The second was the conflict between Frederick II (the Great) of Prussia and Austria, France, Russia, and Sweden.

Helping or Hurting?

  • The war did not begin well for the British.
  • French and Indian war was the North American conflict in the war between Great Britain and France.
  • Although it did provide huge territorial gains in North America for Great Britain.
  • Helped lead to discontent and start the American Revolution.
  • The victories for Britain brought many troubles with their American colonies.
  • The war was highly expensive.
  • British naval strength and Spanish ineffectiveness led to their success.
  • Britain had also seized French Caribbean Islands, Spanish Cuba, and the Philippines.

The Fighting Has Ended

A failed Spanish invasion of British ally Portugal was the main kicker to the end of the War. Besides the wanting of peace for the Spanish and French diplomats.

"The paths to glory lead but to the grave"

This quote was said by British General Edward Braddock. He had spoken it towards Benjamin Franklin. Personally, I believe this means that although the path of glory is wonderful. Too much glory can lead to the death of a man. Or you're gonna die anyway.

The War Ended

Thursday, Feb. 10th 1763 at 9pm


The end of the 7 Years War had ended. Both French and Spanish diplomats wanted to seek peace for their country.