Death Penalty?

Do you support?

My opinion

I believe that the death penalty is a better option than being in jail your whole life.

4 Claims

-The absence of the death penalty made an increase on crime. Most people thought if there was not a bigger consequence than jail then maybe they could get away with it. 2,000,000 people have been victims of crime.

-People have to pay taxes for those people to be in jail. If they did something that exceeds the limit then the economy should not have to pay for them to sit in jail.

-If they commit crimes like murder and rape they violated other people's life and it is fair that they suffer their consequences just like their victim did.

-The death penalty can prove to people who commit crimes that you can die from making just one bad mistake.

Money (Counterclaim and Rebuttal)

The people who do not support the death penalty say that executing people for their wrongs is just a form of revenge. Yes, that is true, but the death penalty makes the world a better place. Because with the death penalty, we are eliminating the people who killed kids and adults who were important in this world.

Crime rate (Counterclaim and Rebuttal)

Those who do not believe in the death penalty say that it does not shorten the amount of crime rate. But actually, it does. The people who were committing crimes fear nothing more than dying. When being in jail is less feared because you can be freed.

Time (Counterclaim and Rebuttal)

They also say that with all the trials and cases only to be killed is a waste of time and money. Yes it can be expensive and can be more time than a regular case but that is only because the Government wants to make sure they caught the right person. Even though it takes time and money it is worth it.
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