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Week of April 8, 2019

How will you CHANGE THE WORLD by sharing & supporting your opinion?

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Bulldog Buzz: Special (AREAS) Edition

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Lesson Plans DUE

Monday, April 8th, 8am

Bullock School

  • To the Gr1 Team: My Chat & Chew block is during your lunch block this week! If you would to dialog about any of our initiatives, let me know!

Evacuation Drill

Tuesday, April 9th, 1pm

Bullock School

District Science Fair

Thursday, April 11th, 6:45-8pm

Bullock Gym

  • Drop-off time runs from 3:00-4:00 PM

CAST Meetings

Friday, April 12th, 9am-2pm

Small Conference Room

The Principal's POV...on a "closed door" policy?!?

In order to support our students and effectively meet their #EverydaySEL needs we must ensure that we are taking the time to address OUR social-emotional needs. As the quote to the right says, this isn't about doing more! Instead, we must look at our priorities & our behaviors, and do "differently!" This means pausing to reflect, owning what isn't working for us & practicing new behaviors (sound familiar?). See below for a real life example of this in action!

Recently, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed (I know, join the club), and came across a fantastic article written by a colleague about what happens when the Principal's door is closed. Immediately, I thought: He's absolutely right; I need to give this a try! So I did, and after one week, I have had deeper conversations with teachers, parents & students, and have taken the time (even if just a few minutes) to breathe & recharge. The result: I feel more effective. I feel like a better dad & husband...and most importantly, I feel happy! I'm reclaiming my mojo!

The point here is that if I didn't take responsibility for my current state of being, if I fell into the trap of placing blame for my current situation then I would have continued to spiral downward. To paraphrase author Mark Manson, by taking responsibility I have reclaimed my POWER!

Click here to read Brian's piece about his "closed door" policy...and click here to visit author Mark Manson's site. Be forewarned...he's amazing, but a little irreverent! Thank you for a fantastic week & if you want to talk about your journey or hear more about mine, chime in via social media or sign up for a Chat & Chew!

The Principal's Point of View

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News & Notes

Bullock Garden Update: Ms. Brie is back (4/11, 12)!!! Don't forget to give her a warm Bullock welcome! Don't forget to sign-up for a lesson with her!

World Cultures: Culture Week will begin on April 12th for the entire school. Students are invited to share something about their culture or a family tradition they enjoy. Please view flyer for more information. Contact Mrs. Castro with any questions, comments, pictures or video clips you would like your child to share. Due to the second grade trip, Mrs. Debes’ Class will have their Culture Day when we return from Spring Break.

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Bullock Meeting Minutes

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BOOM! Shout-outs from the Staff!

  • A gentle pat on the back to our BSI team for being so flexible during ACCESS testing!

  • A big shout out to Karen Peale. Crocheting, pet board, markers…. You rock!
  • Castro – Thanks for helping me out in a pinch!
  • TY Ms. Tursi for a fun chat & chew!

Happy Birthday!

  • Ms. Debes - 4/8
  • Mr. Aird - 4/9
  • Ms. Yaksta - 4/18
  • Ms. Brice - 4/24
  • Ms. Mannino - 4/29
  • Ms. Nelson - 4/30

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 04/05: Star Student Luncheon
  • 04/11: Science Fair
  • 04/15: Bulldog Buddies/SEL Team Meeting
  • 04/16: Reggie Dabbs Assembly & Family Night
  • 04/19: Spring Break (4/19-4/26)
  • 04/29: Gr1 Team Meeting
  • 04/30: Gr2 Team Meeting
  • 05/01: Special Areas Meeting
  • 05/02: Gr3 Team Meeting/PARCC Training & Choir Concert
  • 05/03: Star Student Luncheon