Children or animals?

The government can't seem to see the difference

Pictures start to circulate

Tuesday, June 17th, 12am

Texas, United States


Horrific Scenes in Border Detention Center

Around June 17th of this year, photos started floating around of a Texas immigration detention center. The pictures shown are of men, women, and children in disgusting conditions. According to the Huffington Post, "Customs and Border Protection, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, is supposed to turn over minors to the Department of Health and Human Services within three days, but many children are remaining in detention facilities for longer periods due to the massive influx (Lazar)." Large sums of people we're being held in cramped spaces. Spaces befitting for dogs. "This 4,900 square-foot detention center near the Mexican border in south Texas was built to house 250, but it had been holding twice that (LaTimes)." The influx was due to a large immigration of children and families trying to escape from Central America.

Why they're treated like this.


Many people in the southern states are against the immigration of people from the southern countries, this is common knowledge. Their biggest fear is that they'll take American jobs. "In 2010, 8.4 million undocumented immigrants were employed in the United States. They represented 5.2 percent of the U.S. labor force, although they comprised only 3.7 percent of the U.S. population (AmericanProgress)." In comparison to the other 94.8 percent, the number of illegal immigrants holding "American" jobs is minuscule. No one is stealing jobs, they're earning them. " Companies like WalMart are giving jobs to them illegally (BestPageintheUniverse)."

Contrary to what some may believe, these immigrants are people too, with families. Due to these beliefs, the government is pushed by the people to kick out these immigrants. Because the government is trying to find ways to help them, the immigrants are stuck in a sort of limbo while the government decides what to do with them. The people are scared, the law is unsure what to do, and the people end up getting what they want, harming the innocents put "on trial". Because of this people are being hurt and being put in harm's way. These people are the children and families trying to escape their own country.The ones accusing them are American citizens. The ones judging them, the law, only keep them in harm's way.

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The Crucible

How it relates

In The Crucible fear is used as a tactic to scare people into believing in something that isn't true, which is similar to whats happening to immigrants.

"Oh, how many times he bid me kill you, Mr. Parris (Miller 1048)." --- Tituba

In the beginning of the book Tituba and the girls confess to doing witch-craft. "Oh, how many times he bid me kill you, Mr. Parris (Miller 1048)." This is what Tituba tells Parris after he asked her who bid her to do the devil's work. Out of fear she begins to name names. In fear of not being able to protect herself, pushed by Mr. Parris' words, Tituba tells lies. This is very much like what happens with Americans when the topic of illegal immigrants comes up. The people say that Americans are losing their hard earned jobs to illegal immigrants. This statement instills fear into others. Much like the girls telling the town of how witches are in the town of Salem caused fear.

"We are what we always were in Salem, but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom (Miller 1069)." --- Proctor

Someone spreads lies, then other hear it, become afraid, and spread the same lies. "We are what we always were in Salem, but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom (Miller 1069)." In both cases people were afraid to lose their lives. In Salem this was a literal statement, where they were afraid that witches were going to kill them. In America people are afraid of losing their job security and not being able to support themselves and their family, therefor causing them to lose the lives they know. In both cases, because of the lies, innocents are harmed. In The Crucible people are sent to prisons because they are suspected of witch-craft, then most likely hung. In America immigrants, who are caught, get sent to detention centers, which (as shown in the picture below) are basically just like prisons. The people are subject to harm, poor living conditions, and unjust treatment because of the lies of the people and how the government reacted.

The government was very similar in both events. The major difference was the sanity of the people running the government. Judge Danforth can be seen as hysterical towards the end of the fourth act of the book. While our government can be seen as more sane, they were both trying to appease the majority, over the minority. They were both trying to calm their people, thus putting the outsiders in harm's way, which is essentially what the people wanted.

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"There be so many cows wanderin' the highroads, now their masters are in the jails, and much disagreement who they belong to now (Miller 1099)." ---Cheever

When people are taken away, jailed, or sent back to where they came from they are leaving things behind. "There be so many cows wanderin' the highroads, now their masters are in the jails, and much disagreement who they belong to now (Miller 1099)." In the cases of immigrants, the things that they are leaving behind are their children. They do not want to abandon them, nor did, but were forced apart from them. Now there are so many children who are homeless, family-less, wandering, trying to survive without their families. Then there is so much debate surrounding where they belong or where they belong. In the quote the cows are meant to symbolize more. They are whats left behind by those who are oppressed and taken away. When the people are taken away, who will care for their things, their children, their families?

Parallels between the two

  • In The Crucible there is a group of girls who run rampant on the town and end up getting several people hurt and killed. These girl's accused many of witchcraft and got many killed. The girls lied and even testify to lying. Mary Warren herself says in court, "I cannot lie no more. I am with God, I am with God (Miller 1084)." In America, there are many people who spread lies about immigrants and end up making the situation worse.

  • After the accused in The Crucible are found guilty, they are sent to jail. When the immigrants are found they are taken to detention centers, which are essentially, physically and literally, prisons to hold the illegal detainees.

  • The people who accuse are scared in both cases.

  • The government isn't of much help and may just make things worse.


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