Classical Conversations of Sheridan

January/February Newsletter

CC Sheridan Community Visit on Tuesday, February 9

I will be visiting all of the CC Sheridan classes on Tuesday, February 9 in my official capacity as Support Representative for Classical Conversations! I have the greatest confidence in our Directors, Heather Sample (F/E) and Tess Worrell (Challenge A) as well as in all of our Tutors! I won't be tutoring Challenge I that day, which gives me this opportunity to visit with you all and to make sure that you are enjoying this journey. If you have any suggestions for how we might improve what we do or how we do it, this would be a great time to share with me your ideas. Our goal is to serve you and your students, and if we are needing to make changes, we will take your ideas into consideration. Thank you for being a part of this community and offering your gifts and talents so that together we can know God and make Him known!

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Discovery Concert on February 17 @ 11:30 AM

We will be joining other Classical Conversations communities from throughout the state for this special family/student concert! This is a very kid-friendly opportunity to learn to enjoy a formal concert! I will have a special concert worksheet for each family so that you have the opportunity to familiarize your students with the composers and pieces before the event. The two links following this post will take you to teacher and student preparation packets if you would like to get started right away!

Please plan to arrive by 11 AM and look for the sign for Homeschool and follow those signs. Do not be late! They will wait until our group is all present before seating us. Depending on where you park, you may enter from Monument Circle through the main entrance and enter a room to the left of the main entrance or you may enter from the alley behind the theater. Parking is available in the garage at Express Parking Garage on the right (west) side of the street on Pennsylvania Street (one-way street going south) just south of Market Street. Once you are parked, take the elevator to the ground level and walk toward the alley--there is an alley entrance to the theater from that garage. Otherwise, park in the Circle Center Mall parking off of Washington Street and walk a block or so to the theater. Here is the link on Mapquest to the garage:

The concert will feature the following composers and pieces:

Scarim | A Simple Melody
Mozart | Overture to The Marriage of Figaro
Offenbach | “Can-Can” from Orpheus in the Underworld
J. Strauss | On the Beautiful Blue Danube Waltzes
Bizet | “Toreador Song” from Carmen, Act II
Filho | “Cidade Maravilhosa”
Beethoven | Movement I Allegro Con Brio from Symphony No.5 in C Minor, Op. 67
Stravinsky | “Finale” from The Firebird Suite (1919)

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Discovery Concert

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 11:15am

45 Monument Circle

Indianapolis, IN

Classical Conversations of Sheridan Now Enrolling for 2016-2017!

We are excited to open enrollment for existing CC Sheridan families for 2016-2017! We give first priority to our current families--we'll open registration to other families next month. We currently are close to full, and so we do ask that if you plan to return next year, you complete your renewal registration form and give your registration fee payable to your program's director to hold your place for next year. Tuition and supply fees would not be due until July 20. For next year, CC Sheridan will have the following program directors:

  • Heather Sample: Foundations/Essentials
  • Emily Bundscho: Challenge A
  • Tess Worrell: Challenge B
  • Marie Hendrickson: Challenge I

Heather is currently contracting tutors for Foundations for 2016-2017! Tutors receive compensation for their service in the classroom--let Heather know if you have an interest in being considered for this role in our community!

Here is the form for returning Foundations/Essentials families:

Here is the form for Challenge families:

CC Sheridan to be a Host Site for Stanford 10 Testing

Tuesday, May 17th, 9am

6070 North 900 East, Sheridan, IN

We are excited to announce that Becky Thesier has applied to be CC Sheridan's Stanford 10 Testing Site Coordinator! Becky comes with experience proctoring the exam, and so we are grateful for her experience and service. Do you have a 4-year Bachelor's Degree? Please consider offering to help Becky on our testing dates: May 17, 18, and 19 from 9:00 AM until noon each day. This testing provides your student with test-taking experience as well as provides a general 'spot' check of how he/she is doing compared to national averages. While we know that the long-term results your student may achieve as a Challenge IV student will prove out the strength of the classical method, the experience of standardized testing is valuable in and of itself. Registration information for this opportunity will be available soon, but save the dates!