Staff Development Days

Transforming Learning

Transforming learning.

Examining the curriculum. New practice for students of C21st. Working with the new documents, personalising learning for staff and students and designing experiences that provide opportunities to challenge, create, design, collaborate.


9-10 MLIS Vision for Australian Curriculum. General Capabilities

Our context and priorities.

10-11 Learning theory in the context of the Australian Curriculum.


11.30-12.15 Asian and Aboriginal Perspectives. Changing practice to authentically embed these areas in our work.

12.15-1.00 Beginning the journey. Accelerated Literacy in the context of the Australian Curriculum.

Programming using the new documents.

1-1.45 Lunch

1.45-3 Team Planning. Unpacking the English Curriculum. What are the implications for our work?


9-11 The Mathematics curriculum Working Mathematically. Unpacking the Maths Curriculum.


11.30 Science- Units of work.

12.15 Professional Learning 2013? Where to now?


1.45-3 Team Planning