Five Holidays Around the World

By: Caleb

Kashmir Solidarity

Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 12am to Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 12am


  • Public processions and special prayers
  • Political speakers speak out
  • Create a human chain
  • Cultural programs and festivals
  • Special TV programs and Kashmiri songs
  • School organized debates

Why it is Celebrated

  • Against Indian occupation of Kashmir
  • Started in 1990
  • Celebrated for the freedom of Kashmir

Waitangi Day

Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 12am to Saturday, Feb. 9th, 12am

New Zealand

  • main celebration: Waitangi Treaty Grounds Bay of Islands, Northlan
  • Māori culture performs
  • Speeches: Māori, Pakeha (European) dignitaries
  • Ceremonial wakas (war canoes), Waitangi grounds
  • three day festival: music, dancing, food and other Māori customs
  • Waitangi park different cultures celebrate nationhood: mix of entertainment, arts and crafts, and food

Why it is celebrated

  • Commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840
  • Established in 1974

Ching Ming Festival

Thursday, March 21st, 12am to Thursday, April 4th, 12am

Hong Kong

  • Ching Ming means clean and bright
  • Days celebration depend on family
  • People go to graveyards or cemeteries
  • People sweep the graves of their ancestors
  • Ancestor worship rituals
  • Weed graves, make offerings: food, light incense
  • Touch up headstone inscriptions
  • Burn paper offerings

Why it is Celebrated

  • one day to their honor ancestors

Ram Navami

Saturday, April 20th, 12am to Sunday, April 21st, 12am


  • fast on this day
  • Fast builds self discipline and power
  • They read the Ramayana
  • Ayodhya, birth place of Ram, has decorated chariots
  • Take ritual baths in the sea

Why it is Celebrated

  • Lord Ram, seventh incarnation: Dashavatara of Vishnu
  • Lord Ram born to Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya of Ayodha
  • Lord Ram’s dynasty considered themselves descended from sun
  • people pray: morning to the sun
  • afternoon, Lord Ram was born, special prayer performed in temples

Childrens Day

Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 12am to Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 12am

South Korea

  • Celebrates children
  • Childrens day: big deal
  • Children: all ages celebrate
  • Festivals: community
  • Kids spoiled: gifts and trips

Why it is Celebrated

  • Created by author Bang Jeong Hwan
  • Bang Jeong Hwan believed children were future
  • “Children are the heroes of tomorrow. May they grow to be gentle, vigorous, and wise.”


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