Mrs. Baker's Class


What is going on?

Math: The students will be making a winter glyph that requires them to problem solve and follow multi-step directions to complete the activity. Later in the week students will be completing a guided spiraling sheet. After the spiraling sheets on these days students will be playing math games they've learned this semester.

Social Studies: The spotlight in social studies will be comparing ethnic and cultural celebrations. Students will be exposed to 5 different winter celebrations on PowerPoint then they will be adding information to a booklet on traditions. As a culminating activity students will be writing a reflective piece about their personal celebrations and traditions this season.

Reading: The big idea in reading will be retelling and inferring. Students will retell or act out important events in stories in logical order while making connections to their own experiences and use information from the story to inferring what is going on in the story.

Writing: The focus in writing this week will be FREE CHOICE!! Students will be given the opportunity to write in any format that they have learned up to this point; including, personal narrative, all about books, how to, and letter.

In the Loop

  • Chick-Fil-A spirit night tonight starting at 5pm
  • Library books and Homework due on Monday, Dec. 17 (there will not be any homework this coming week.) Happy Holidays!
  • Class Winter Party is on Thursday, Dec.20th. The room Mom’s are sending a sign up out tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it.