Caudle's Counselor Corner

Child Safety Unit

K-2 -August 26th-30th

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades were learning all about safety! My younger grades all learn/review the three Rs: Recognize, Refuse, Report. They also learn the 8 Never-Never Rules. We talk through different situations in which they may need to remember the rules to be safe! We also talk about the Always Ask First Rule. Our big focus is to think before you act and to depend on the adults in charge of you to help you make good choices.

3rd-5th September 3-6th

This has been a short week! I was only here three days this week as I had off Monday for Labor Day and Friday for our monthly counselor meeting. Trying to pack 5 days into 3 was tough!!!
Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade classes learned about safety and the 3 Rs: Recognize, Refuse, Report. Third grade also reviewed the Eight Never-Never Rules. We talked about being assertive and saying "no" when a situation is unsafe. We discussed how to contact an adult when we are on our own and identified safe adults both at school and home. We talked a lot about the Always Ask First Rule and how important it is to always ask when somone wants to do somehting with you, if someone wants you to go somewhere with them, or if someone wants to give you something, ALWAYS ASK FIRST. This keeps you safe.

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Laurie Caudle

I am the school counselor at Shepard Elementary. I look forward to working with you and your student this school year. I will be teaching a variety of social emotional lessons every other week for 30 min. within the classroom. I also offer group and individual counseling teaching skills to help support your student at school.