censorship is your safe place in an unsafe world

Censorship is a big deal

Drugs, sex and violence are everywhere in movies, the books we read and even on television. Do we want kids in our society today, seeing things or reading things we would think are innapropriate for them to be experiencing? I think not. Children are becoming more sexualised at a younger age due to the impact of unsensored material. Censorship is important as it gives a guide to the age group of which the content is suitable. Censorship warns the reader or viewer about what they are about to experience, therefore they are able to change their mind or flick over if they dont wish to watch or read further.

We can control;

Everything should be censored

Censoring what people say on television stops rumours and lies growing. It can also stop the person from saying something that could offend another person.

Would you like to be embarrassed on TV with millions of people watching? Didn't think so.

57% of books started, havn't been read to completion

' censorship, the smart choice. '