President Bruce Wayne

a.k.a Batman

Chief Diplomat

In addition to being the leader of the country, the president must also act as a leader of the world. President Bruce Wayne will execute his role by making sure that foreign relations are not only positive but advantageous to the nation. He will appoint adept ambassadors to keep up relations. He will not only send ambassadors but he will also meet foreign leaders personally.

Chief Citizen

As chief citizen, the president represents the people. Thus, the manner in which he presents himself will be reflective of American Citizens to foreign nations. President Wayne is trustworthy, caring and responsible. Therefore American Citizens can depend on him as a leader and can be confident that he will put their interests above all else.

Head of State

This position requires the president to be the face of the country and be the head of the country. President Wayne will not carry out this role by only showing up on t.v. broadcasts. He will attend national celebrations, give speeches at graduations, throw the first pitch at baseball games, or even visit a farm in rural Indiana.

Crisis Manager

If crisis strikes the nation, President Wayne will be prepared to take action swiftly and effectively to make sure that great harm is not done. In times of danger, citizens will need a leader who can comfort them and give them hope. President Wayne promises to be that particular leader and will be ready to help American citizens get back to their feet in times of crisis.

Party Leader

In order to get his policies to pass congress, President Wayne will need help from his fellow party members. Therefore he will need to utilize various means such as meetings and calls to communicate with them. As the party leader he will express his party's ideological beliefs in his plans and also communicate those ideas to the general public.


Bruce Wayne was born in Miami Florida on November 26 1962. He attended Stanford University and graduated with a degree in business several years later. His father was a business tycoon and after graduating, Wayne inherited the family business. After some years, Wayne ran for senator and won the seat. He recently ran for president and just finished his first year as president.

Contact Information

You can reach the president through the following means below