Can Stress Affect Your Health

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Who Am I

Purpose and Process

My purpose of this research topic is to persuade others to enjoy themselves. To help lower stress levels. I hope you get everything you are looking for out of this research.
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Essential Question

Can stress affect your health?

I chose this question because most people now in days get stressed a lot, and I just wanted to research this topic so I could find out, what stress does to ones body? Is it good or bad for you? What can you do to De-stress? I thought it'd be fun to choose a topic that pertains to everyone.

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Explanation of Topic

Can stress affect your health?

What do I already know about stress? Well, stress can affect your body in many ways. Sometimes stressing is a good thing, but stressing too much can lead to multiple problems in your health. Stress is a common trait that every human being has, sometimes it's difficult to just relax. Knowing that we all get stressed, makes me think "Why don't we just take a little time for ourselves?" What do i hope to gain? I hope to gain more information about stress and how it effects the body.

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My Process

All the Information i have gathered is to offset an idea about stress , to explain why it does what it does.
How stress affects your body - Sharon Horesh Bergquist
This Video is a Good Source, because it shows you what goes on in the human body, when one is stressed.
How to de-Stress ♥
This young Lady gives helpful tips of how to De-stress, she also tells you how she deals with it as well.
This websites talks about how stress can kill brain cells
This article talks about the symptoms of stress, how it effect the body and behavior. One example from the text of this article would be "Indeed, stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can give you a jump on managing them."
This article gave 15 ways stress affects your health. An example of that would be "Unhealthy Food Cravings". This article is kind of like the video i mentioned earlier "How Stress Can Make You Sick", are both using the not so alike, but alike facts.
Can Stress Actually Kill You?
This Man talks about how the body responds to stress. He gives educated responses corresponding to an animal trying to kill you and as well as work (in general).
This article is referred to women and men. According to the article Women get more stresses than men. Along side that it did have some good information about the emotional and physical side of stress. An example of that would be "Women’s reactions to stress are rooted in their body chemistry".
This article also talks about the physical effects of stress, this article compares to the other articles giving an explanation about comfort foods, and how they're not beneficial to ones health.
This article also talks about what goes on, on the inside of the Human body. It gives information about the "Systems". A key example would be how it effects the digestive system.

Chapter 6. Angela's Day: How One Teen Deals With Stress

This relates to my Research because in Chapter 6 the Author talks about how Angela reduces her stress. According to this book this is how one teen deals with stress.
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THE SCIENCE OF STRESS. (cover story)

This relates to my Research because it states multiple ways to prevent stress.
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Future Steps

Next I plan to give more information.... more specifically , giving key points, and pulling out quotes to prove the overhead idea "Stress".
Further Research that I think that needs to be done would be taking more time out to really read the article or book to gain more perspective about the concept.
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Final Answer- Stress can and cannot kill you but it depends on the situation. If your endangered and you trip over something or get eaten then yes it could kill you, but there are numerous ways for it to kill you. Other times it could not kill you, sometimes it makes you gain weight and other thing s might start happening.
My overall process using Genius Hour, was very difficult for me, but very Informative. I learned that there are various ways that stress can affect your health. All of the sources i placed on here was very relative to my Research and actually i didn't have a problem for the article (maybe some kinks, but not a big deal). In more detail some of the information kept repeating its way over throughout the other articles just in a different way.
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