My Norwegian Heritage

How do Norwegian's lifestyle compare and contrast to mine?


One way my life has been influenced is by Norwegian food. There aren’t that many ways my foods are like theirs, but around the holidays there are a few norwegian foods we always have. These include lefsa, rummigrote, and cremla. My Grandma also has had some more interesting Norwegian foods. According to Goddard, there isn’t much variety on foods in Norway. Seafood is a big part of their palate. They even have it for breakfast! I don't like seafood however, so this doesn't influence me at all. Their delicacies mostly contain flour, sugar, eggs, and a ton of butter (Arnold). The foods I eat that are deemed Norwegian by my family but are apparently not big in Norway, or my research hasn't shown it.


Norway and the United states also have many homogeneous holidays. In fact, I celebrate nearly all of Norway's National Holidays. These include many Christian ones especially around Easter and Christmas. But, I do not celebrate Boxing Day, a special norwegian holiday that takes place the day after christmas. Though I do celebrate USA's July 4th, In Norway it is called Constitution Day and is celebrated on May 17 ("Public Holidays in Norway in 2015."). The ways we celebrate these holidays are very similar as well. On either Christmas or Thanksgiving, my family has a Norwegian supper. One of the traditions my grandma has effectuated is to dress up in homemade out fits and got to peoples houses. People would have to guess who it was under the costume and then the kids would get treats. Fun Fact: In Norway, Santa is known to be quite stern as well as blithesome ("Holiday Traditions of Norway "Lystig Jul" "God Jul"") . Norway and the united states have a lot of the same holidays, but more often than not they are on different days and have different names. Although my holidays are not exactly from Norway, the way we celebrate them is unique.


The way my own childhood and Norwegians childhoods are is very different. In Norway there is no variation on nearly anything. This includes raising kids. Everyone has the same rules and assizes. There are rarely playgrounds or amusement parks says Goddard. As you know, that is not the way it is here. There are varied ways to teach your kids and contra distinct rules for every family. Also, having fun is a big part of life here. This is a great way to show how my life is different than Norwegian life.

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Italicized words

Palate was Food Choices

Delicacies was Desserts

Homogeneous was Similar

Effectuated was Carried Out

Assize was Regulations

Contra Distinct was Different