Creek Band Football 101

Everything you need to know about Creek Band & Football!

What is the schedule?

The schedule will vary from week to week depending on the location and game time. However the format will be relatively unchanged. You will always be able to see the upcoming itinerary by going to the band website (, going to the calendar tab, then events, then the game for which you want to view an itinerary. The staff will try to have the itinerary up at least a week (or two) in advance.

Can't you just tell me the itinerary here?

Okay...just this once. In the future, please follow the directions above!

Football vs. Baytown Sterling

Friday, August 31st

Challenger Columbia Stadium

  • 3:00pm - Run Through in Parking Lot
  • 4:00pm - Dinner (And Changing)
  • 4:45pm - Inspection
  • 5:15pm - Depart CCHS
  • 5:45pm - Arrive at Challenger Columbia Stadium
  • 6:30pm - Pre-Game Events
  • 7:00pm - Kickoff
  • 8:30pm - Estimated Half Time Performance
  • 10:00pm - Estimated End of Game
  • 11:00pm - Estimated Return to CCHS
  • 11:30pm - All Students Picked Up

Can you break that down for me?

Run Through in Parking Lot

  • Students should wear marching shoes (like for rehearsal) or their marching shoes. We will do a brief (low intensity) rehearsal in the parking lot.
  • Students will need to be in rehearsal arcs in rehearsal attire, with instruments and water jugs by 3:00pm.
  • Students will need to move quickly as soon as school is out in order for us to start on time.
  • After the run through is completed, instruments that are being loaded on the trailers will be placed in a designated area for loading.

Dinner (And Changing)

  • All students are provided a meal as part of their Booster Fees for the year.
  • Students will follow specific instructions from the Boosters and the Directors to get their meals quickly and efficiently.
  • Meals will be eaten in the hallways and outside the band hall.
  • All students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Student leaders will sweep the hallways repeatedly to make sure no trace of dinner remains when we are done.
  • Once students have finished eating, they should change into their appropriate marching attire (Summer Uniform or Formal Uniform - it will depend on the event.)
  • Changing should occur in bathrooms and no spraying of hair spray, cologne, body spray, deodorant, etc. is to take place outside of the bathrooms.


  • All students will be inspected by their student leaders to ensure they have the proper attire and equipment for the game.
  • Students who do not have ALL parts of their uniform and required equipment will not be permitted to attend the game. A zero will be recorded for a major grade and the student will lose any primary marching spot to which they have been assigned.

Summer Uniform Required Equipment/Attire

  • Band Hat
  • Band Polo
  • Khaki Shorts
  • Black Belt
  • Black Socks (ankle socks or pushed down to ankle)
  • Black Marching Shoes
  • Instrument
  • Flip Folder (with Lyre if applicable) and All Music
  • Creek Band Water Jug

Depart CCHS

  • All students must ride the bus to the game, unless other arrangements have been made with Mr. Fincher directly.
  • Students will load busses when instructed by the band staff.
  • If, for some reason, you have not signed up for a bus, you can still do so by 11:59pm Thursday, August 30th here.
  • Students must sit on the bus for which they have signed up both coming and going to the game.
  • No food and drinks (other than the Creek Band water jug) will be permitted on the bus.
  • For football games, when the busses are in parking lots, there is to be no talking by students. Once we are clear of parking lots, you may talk freely...but keep the noise to a reasonable level.

Arrive at Stadium

  • Students will be silent once the busses have arrived at the parking lot of the destination.
  • Students will remain on the busses until instructed by staff and/or leadership. Designated (loading crew, percussion, etc.) groups may be asked to exit the bus sooner and will be instructed accordingly.
  • When instructed, students will exit the busses, pick up their instruments from the trailers (removing them from cases) and line up in "stands order" in the parking lot.
  • Students who carried their instruments with them on the bus will take instruments out of cases on the bus and bring them to the "stands order" line up in the parking lot when instructed. If weather demands it, we will take cases to the stands.
  • Students will be taken into the stands together.

Pre-Game Events, Kickoff, Estimated Half-Time Performance, Estimated End of Game

  • Our first priority at a Friday night football game is a successful performance. This is where we get to perform...the payoff to all of your hard work.
  • Our next priority (and second only by the tiniest of millimeters) is to support the football team and be the spirit and heartbeat of the Wildcat Family at the game! Students will pay attention to all calls from the staff and drum majors for music to be played, cadences to be performed, cheering to be done, etc.
  • Students should make their best effort to pay attention to the game and cheer accordingly.
  • We never boo, make negative statements, or behave in an unsportsmanlike way...period. Students who engage in this unacceptable audience behavior will be removed from the game immediately and subject to further discipline the following Monday.
  • No food or drink (other than water in the Creek Band water jug) is permitted in the stands at any time.
  • No cell phones are to be out at any time in the stands.
  • Homework and/or is not to be done during the football games...plan your week accordingly.
  • No non-band personnel (including former band members) are permitted in the band setup at any time.
  • Students will never play their instrument unless instructed by a band staff member.
  • Students will visit the restrooms in groups of two only...and with the permission of a chaperone or director.
  • Upon the conclusion of the game, students will move quickly and efficiently to the trailers to put up instruments, and then directly to the busses.
  • All students must ride the bus from the game, unless other arrangements have been made with Mr. Fincher directly.

Return to CCHS and All Students Picked Up

  • We will generally not debrief following a game.
  • All students are responsible for making sure that their own instrument has made it safely back to the school. The loading crew will unload the instruments, individual students will pick up their own.
  • Drum Majors will designate which section has cleaning after each game. It is the responsibility of the section leaders to make sure that the band hall is cleaned before they go home.
  • All students are expected to have vacated the band hall and have been picked up (or located a ride and gone) by 30 minutes after we return to CCHS.

Is that it...?

Probably not...things always come up. And there are some specifics that we will cover in class and rehearsal.

But that should give you a good idea of what to expect. We will communicate any changes and more information as needed!

If you have any specific questions, please contact Mr. Fincher.

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