The Shadow of the Devil

By; Brandon and Tyler Patterson Period 6

The Demeter slammed by crew disapperance

One of the most deadly and sudden storms of the century brings forth an unexpected mystery that has rocked the England continent. Last night, a Russian ship named the Demeter violently slammed into a Whitby pier. Many eyewitnesses report the ship moving with distorted and violent twisting before it approached the pier. Once the Demeter arrived in the Whitby pier, investigators quickly began to assess the ship. Investigators reported that at first sight they could see a man tied to the helm with a crucifix on the man who appeared to be the captain. Investigators also claimed a diary from the captain that reported the night by night logs of the crew. Included was a constant fear of something overshadowing the crew with every move they made. Although the diary included logs form the entire crew during the voyage, the only person left on the crew was the captain with the crucifix.


The Bloofer Lady lerks in the darkness

Beware children and parents! The Bloofer Lady is here. Hide all your children in their houses and prevent the Bloofer Lady from biting your child's neck. Witnesses say that the Bloofer Lady is dressed in white, with long blond hair, and white pale skin as she lurks in the shadows at the dead of night. Missing persons reports have been sent out the past several days as children go missing and no one knows where they ended up when morning arises. If anybody can bring an end to this monster we highly encourage them to do so and rid this town of any evil spirits.
Bram Stoker's Dracula (4/8) Movie CLIP - Lucy the Vampyr (1992) HD

Quincey Morris shows his humility

Quincey Morris, one of the men that proposes to Lucy, showed the most courage and braveness than all the other characters. Throughout many sequences in the novel, Quincey lays his life on the line to kill Dracula and find revenge for Lucy life that was lost by that monster. At the end of the novel,Morris gets stabbed by the Szgany group loyal to Dracula, but not before killing him by striking him in the heart while also protecting Mina Harker and the rest of his group. Morris knows the true spirit of a man willing to do anything to protect his friends from the devil himself in Dracula.

The innocent "Zoophagous maniac"

Although he appeared subtly in the novel, Renfield was perhaps the most interesting character in the novel. Throughout the novel, Renfield is seen as a crazy maniac set in a asylum under the watchful eye of Dr. Seward. The maniac begins to eat living insects claiming the lives of others just as Dracula proclaims day after day (believing that blood is source of life), drinks blood from a gash of Dr. Seward (blood drinking like Dracula), escapes the asylum to meet his idol vampire,etc. The connection between the two, shows how Dracula picked a very vulnerable person to manipulate in order to carry out deeds that were necessary. Renfield was unaware of his actions partly because of his mental side and the power Dracula held over him.