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Country Rating

rank-5 Switzerland 80.5

Switzerland Quick Facts/ United States

Population- 8.0 million/ 316.4 million

GDP- $371.6 billion/ 16.8 trillion

GDP Growth- 2.0% growth/1.9% growth

GDP Per Capita- $46,430 per capita/ 53,101 per capita

Unemployment- 4.4%/ 7.5%

Inflation- -0.2%/ 1.5%

Foreign Direct Investment- $-5252.1 million/187.5 billion

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Legal System

Property rights are highly protected. The freedom from corruption rate is constant in Switzerland. Switzerland has these court systems: Federal Supreme Court, the Federal Criminal Court, the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Administrative Court. Most people in Switzerland will not come in contact with crime.

Competitive Markets

Switzerland is one of the worlds richest and most investment- friendly country. It is the worlds most competitive country for the 6th year in a row. Their workers are payed highly and are the most competitive. They have adapted to the current technology.

Limits on Government Regulations

Switzerland is at a cantonal level. The top tax is 11.5. The government cut solar subsidies by 10% in 2014. Their government is organized into 3 groups, federal, cantonal, and communal.

An Efficient Capital Market

Switzerland has low unemployment. Switzerland's economy began to become stable again in 2010. They have a highly skilled labor force. There country's banks are known for their quality.

Monetary Stability

Monetary stability means stable prices and confidence in the currency. A monetary response to credit is appropriate to preserve monetary stability. Monetary stability is the same thing as price stability.

Low Tax Rates

Switzerland has a general low tax rate. The taxes are regulated by Swiss Confederation. A proportional property tax of around 0.3 to 0.5 percent is in effect. Owners and shareholders are taxed individually.
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Free Trade

Most of the Swiss agreements are concluded within the context of the European Free Trade Association. Switzerland and China launch a free trade agreement. Switzerlands accession was in 1960.
Switzerland Economy (Alazzawi ECON3)

Swizterland Economy

This video is about how Switzerland avoids direct confrontation. Switzerland produces high quality goods. They have low taxes and low regulations. Switzerland is headquarters to Nestle. They have an efficient capital market.
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The capital of Switzerland is Bern, while the largest city is Zürich. Switzerland has 26 cantons. Its population is about 8 million. Many women do not work when they get married. Chocolate is one of Swiss's major export. An average of 30.4 years old is when most women have their first child. 1971 is when woman gain the vote at federal level. 6% of people are over 65 years old. 23% of populations is foreigners.