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Updates and Announcements! November 13, 2018

Air Quality Concerns

Yes, school is open!

Once again, due to the air quality, Proctor will have inside recess, and inside PE likely through the week. We will be checking the air quality through the day and the week to advise our actions, as the Air Quality Index numbers continue to fluctuate. We will be keeping a close eye on students with asthma and respiratory problems.

See CVUSD website for additional details, and monitor the air quality yourself for your own health at:

- Principal Ghereben

Parking Lot Safety!

As we enter into this new week before the beginning of the holiday season, I'd like to remind you of the parking lot rules and procedures we have set forth in our Proctor Student/Parent Handbook. It has recently come to my attention, that there have been some near misses with a student almost being struck by a vehicle last week, and a teacher's car being clipped due to cars driving through the center parking lot island. This is unsafe, and cannot happen moving forward.

Parents/Drivers Rules:

- Please do not park in any red zones on campus or around the school campus on Redwood Road and Proctor

Drivers must wait for students in the inside lane while circling the parking lot and then proceed to the outside lane for loading.

- Drivers may only stop to pick-up students in the loading area along the white curb. Please pull all the forward to allow for more cars to use this space behind you.

- Students may NOT walk unattended to a vehicle in the parking lot. If you have a medical limitation and need assistance, notify the office.

- Drivers must NOT drive through the center Parking Lot Island, as there is a walking crosswalk in the center of this space for students and parents to safely walk through to their parked vehicle. Please back out of your parking space, and drive around the island towards exit.

- Drivers must follow California Traffic Laws such as:

- No cell phone usage

- Be a role model: use the cross-walk at all times in the parking lot

- Avoid parking in red zones

- Avoid double parking

- Stop for pedestrians in cross walks

- Follow the right of way laws

- Be courteous to other drivers, pedestrians and staff

This week, I will also be out during the afternoon pick-up to help enforce these rules as the safety of our students, parents, and staff is one of my top priorities.

Help the Fire Victims!

CVHS is hosting a week long donation drive for those affected by the fires up north. Attached is a flyer of items needed by groups up north. Michael Kentris is hoping all schools can be donation centers, and will come by every afternoon to collect anything donations. The need is high, and with a short week and Thanksgiving being next week, we are blasting it community wide. We will be loading up u-hauls with all donated goods and driving them up on Friday.

Please bring your donated items to the office. Thank You!

Big picture
Big picture

Help support 125 Castro Valley families with children in CV schools through our annual food drive.

Where: Proctor Elementary School

When: November 12 to 16, 2018

What we need:

Gift Cards to local grocery stores (leave at school office in envelope for “Castro Valley Outreach”)

• Canned goods (cranberries, green beans, mixed veggies, peas, corn, yams, fruit, gravy -can or jar ok )

• Boxed cornbread mix, Stuffing mix (bag ok)

• Staples such as: Flour, Sugar, boxes of Jello

• Bags of : Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Apples, Oranges

• Bags of dinner rolls

• Sparkling Cider

•Aluminum Roasting Pans

• Dinner Napkins

* Each class is asked to fill a box for collecting the canned goods. Also, CV Outreach is asking us to limit donations to one box per class; they had more canned goods than they could manage last year.

* Delivery to LDS on Seven Hills will be Fri, Nov. 16. We will need assistance transporting the boxes from Proctor to LDS , Please contact Sean Davidson at if you can help!

*Volunteers will also be needed the afternoon of Tuesday, Nov 20 to help with distribution to the families in need. Please contact Sean Davidson at if you can help!

* Sorting will be at LDS, Mon, Nov. 19, 9AM-Noon Please join us! Students and adults welcome.

Have an amazing week, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me, or the school if you have any questions or need any clarifications.

- Principal Ghereben