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You will Never Regret It Must-See Brain Jack

Brain Jack is a MUST see movie! You will never see anything like it. It's about a 14 yr old computer genius... Sam Wilson. He likes to play around hacking into systems, but will his next "play around" be a fail? Las Vegas is gone, how will he get through all this without getting caught? Or will he...? We can only count on Security to stop him from shutting everything down. He's just after the newest technology the Neuro-Headset. With that he can control hacks with his mind. But he is not alone he has 3 friends with him, Fargas the doofus, Vienna a hacker, and "Dodge" experienced hacker. With them all teamed up will they have a successful hack? WATCH IT and FIND OUT!!

"Technology is a useful servent but a dangerous master". ~ Christain Lange

Woman Found Dead After TOO Much Headset!!

Macy Williams was recently found dead in her 2 bedroom apartment. She was last seen 4 days ago who knew this death would happen. There has been studies done on her to find out what caused her sudden death. Studies show that she had a Neuro-Headset (newest technology) on for about 12hrs. It even says in fine PRINT on the package to NOT have it on any longer that 9hrs because it will cause damage. Prayers go out to Macy Williams and her family. What will this Neuro-Headset do next?

The Neuro Crossword

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