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Dear CMTHS Family:

After the chaos last week at our Nation's Capitol on top of the COVID crisis, and social injustices, and so much more, it is challenging to think of much else. It's all we see on tv, hear on the news, and read on social media. It leads me to the question, "How can I contribute to peace, even if it's only in my small bubble in this world?"

Below are some positive ways to promote peace now within your bubble:

  • Provide help to a person that you see is in trouble, whether lost or confused, upset, or has fallen.
  • Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
  • Listen to hear what others have to say, not to speak.
  • Accept differences of opinion.
  • Be mindful of the language you use.
  • Show someone including children, how to calm themselves through deep breathing.
  • When you feel angry, count to ten before saying anything.
  • Look people in the eye and smile, when you pass them. Better yet, say "Hello."
  • Speak out against prejudice or discrimination when you see or hear it.
  • Educate yourself (and teach others) about peace.
  • Use music, performance, poetry, comedy, or storytelling to raise awareness of issues or imagine peaceful futures.
  • Model kindness and empathy.
How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

CMTHS Teacher Academy's Collaboration with the Fabric Workshop & Museum

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Mr. John Garnett - Maintenance

CMTHS is very lucky to have Mr. Garnett as a valuable addition to our already stellar maintenance team. Formerly as a night custodian for CMTHS, Mr. Garnett has brought his many years of maintenance experience in manufacturing to the educational arena at CMTHS. Thank you John for your dedication and hard work! Mr. Garnett is, without a doubt, an MVP (Maintenance Valuable Person) of CMTHS.

Nurse Tupper's Health Tip

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Central Montco Technical High School

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