Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor

By Lexie Huether and Katie Furrer

Before the battle...

On May 5, General Grant and Lee met in the south, fighting for two days in the Battle of the Wilderness. As a Union leader, Grant's army suffered many casualties. Grant retreated, but he didn't go back to the north. He led his army around Lee's militia, going deeper into the south, in hope of fighting in more favorable conditions. On May 19, the two troops met again, near the Spotsylvania Court House.

The Battles

Spotsylvania - The Journey to Cold Harbor.

While on their way to Richmond, the capital of Virginia, the Union troops crossed paths with the Confederate troops, resulting in the Battle of Spotsylvania. There, the two troops battled it out, leaving the Union only on option -- to retreat. They had suffered many casualties, and considered this a lost battle.

Cold Harbor

The objective of the battle of Cold Harbor was to capture and secure the Confederate Capital. This battle was a part of the Overland, or Grant's, campaign which was a series of battles fought in Virginia. These battles were led by Ulysses S. Grant and his Army.
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After the Battles...

The Union was planning on making the first move in the battle, but the Confederates got followed the Union and made the first move. Cold Harbor would become one of the worst known battles for casualties and battle strategies for the Union.