Panther Claws

Nofolk Jr. High

By: Zach Hintz

Little big planet

In this strategy game you have to find creative ways to get through each course. Anybody that is good in a class like stem would most likely have fun in this game. You can play online with other people and they usually help. If they are playing with you they can sometimes mess your game up though. This game is very enjoyable to me for the reason that I like trying to figure things out. If you have a lot of time and are in the mood, you can even make your own tricky course.

Feature Story


In wrestling, there are many styles, but folkstyle and freestyle are the most common, with freestyle standing out the most. It is a sport done around the world. It is in the Olympics. There are two people in a match usually two males, although there are men’s and women’s wrestling. Wrestlers wear a singlet. The mat is 10 feet in diameter with 5 foot for out- of- bounds. If you choose not to wear headgear, you are at risk of getting cauliflower ear. It is a year-round sport usually done in winter during what many confused people may consider “basketball season”. A full nelson is illegal because if you push too far, you can snap somebody’s neck. There are 3 periods varying from 1 minute to 3 minutes, depending on skill level. Overtime is a one minute period that goes until the first person gets a takedown.The second overtime, is a 30 second period with the same goal. and the third is the same as the second, and the fourth is a 30 second period where if one guy keeps control of the other, he wins, but if the other guy gets up and has control of himself, he wins. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were wrestlers. Wrestling is at least 5000 years old and most likely originated in Egypt.



This past Friday in young Billy Bimbo’s bedroom, the five monkey children were jumping on a bed. Billy, the first victim, fell off of his bed and hit his little monkey head. His mother took him to the hospital. He came back with reports of a minor concussion and was sent home right away with orders to get some sleep. Bertha Bimbo, victim number two, fell and got the same reports after coming home from the doctor’s office. The other three Bimbo children did not learn from the other two and eventually got themselves a concussion and some time of sleep as a prescription. In order, it was Bob, Betty, & Bobby Jr. getting hurt after Billy and Bertha. The doctor said after Bertha was treated, “NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!!”

Trading Card Story

Once upon a time there was a hybrid king-giraffe that lived in Fairyland. All of the kings subjects called the king "King Longneck". The king did not like this name, he wanted to be called something less hurtful. The king wanted to be called, King Arthur and nothing else. If any of his subjects called him anything other than Arthur, his subjects would be jailed for life. The king did not know the subjects were talking behind his back, and soon found out that everybody was making fun of him. The king could not live with thousands of people disrespecting him and walked himself in the Washington Memorial. He made up a story and called it Fairyland. The king soon fell asleep from the heat and had himself a scary dream. While he was dreaming, he imagined he was a normal man without the long neck and he woke up and instead of the giraffe neck, he had a normal neck and went outside and found every one of his subjects were turned into animals. The king was scared and locked himself in the White House. He then yelled out,"Who did this to me, and why are my servants turned into animals."

The king was waiting for a response and soon his wife, the Queen Hippo, who was the fairy godmother, said,"Your servants had a secret and I didn't want them to find out."

The king bewildered said,"What secret? I told them to not have any secrets. If they had any secrets, they were to tell me!"

The king soon calmed down and asked, "Where am I? This is not Washington. It is the opposite."

The fairy said,"You're in Fairyton, D.C."

The king said,"Fairyton, D.C.? I have never heard of such a place."

The fairy said,"Don't believe me? Go look at it for yourself."

The king went outside and saw where the Lincoln Memorial should have been. There was nothing but a smoking crater and the Washington Monument in ectoplasm that turned humans into animals. The monument was oozing ectoplasm. The king said,"How do we stop it?"

The fairy said,"There is no stopping it, but there is a way to get you out of here. You need to go to the exact place where you were when you fell asleep. When you dream about the same things, you will find yourself in your hometown."

The king was hopeless and said,"If I do, will I see you again? If I do, will I recognize you?"

The queen said,"No," and threw the king to the White House and Arthur lost conciousness.

He dreamt that his beloved servants were human, when he woke up, the servants taunted him and he was okay with it. He will never dream about hating his servants and that he was human again.

Jurassic Park

In this movie, scientists discover a way
to bring the dinosaur race back to life.
These scientists make an island just for the
dinosaurs. The owner of the island makes it
a tourist attraction and invites four people to
be the first to explore the island. The scientific
plant has a power outage and the dinos run
rampant around the island. The tourists are
trapped and have to fend for their lives. The
main couple of characters make it out alive,
but some of the less known actors die.
The End.

For/Against Argument On Year-Round School

I would be against having school year-round because unless the school put more sports out for summer like soccer, it would be out of the question. The summer break would be less time and we wouldnt have as much time to use the waterpark in town. If a student had a summer job they could not continue to have that job anymore. The winter and summer break would be the same amount of time and for people that don't like to ski or snowboard it would be a boring break.For: Students would be smarter and we would have less school in each day and more spread out breaks. Sports seasons would most likely be longer and we would have more school sports, such as soccer.

What is Your Favorite Sport?

Football 32%

Wrestling 20%

Volleyball 20%

Soccer 16%

Basketball 12%