Tut-sama's tomb on display now!!!!

Sama = king/lord

license and agreements

sudden death ingeries and murder are not the companies fault a missing person report will be filed within 34 hours and the carpets will be bleached and replaced thoughts of suicide and delusion and the sight of the exhibits coming to life are normal but in case one follows you we strongly suggest you run.

the exhibits going onto display are. . .


company is not responsible for credit card theft burgerly and murder. SO HAVE A GREAT TIME!

And dont forget to see king tuts tomb!

king tut's tomb is on display for the next month it has no mummy in it or, does it? You are going to have to head on down to our museum and find out!
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And we are only including the finest Chinese inventions

  • Porcelain is a Chinese invention!
  • as well as the magnetic compass
  • and metal and coal refinery

Aztec, Mayans and Incas

the Mayans and Aztec as well as the Incas are all very well designed and highly advanced civilizations they build farm and created their own civilization. the Incas where advanced because of their medical abilities and they were the first to pull off a successful brain surgery. and the Mayans created thee first calander based on the movements of the stars

the farming methods

terracing was a method used by the Aztecs to use deeper soil by building tall stone walls and planting the plants in the box of a farm, the incas used the same method on a mountain, and Slash and burn farming they cut down the growth and burn what ever is left resulting in a place to grow food.

the incas and mayans advancments

the Incas advanced with their superior healing skills because the population control wasn't going down because there were fewer deaths as well as them creating a counting system that would help them keep track of trading, the Mayans how ever created levees so the crops wouldn't get flooded out but they could control the water but before they thought about that idea they made a calendar so they knew when the flood would come. they were the first mesoamerican group to make animal hurding and animal operated farming such as the plow