Paul's Case Literary Analysis

Nicholas Jajonie

Point of View

Everyone views Paul as a ill tempered kid who is mean to everyone and just doesnt care. He however sees how terrible everything is and just wants to get away from it all. He wants to aquire money because he realized from his parents thats what he thinks is wrong with them. Money is the key in his eyes.


Paul is all about himself. He doesnt care what anyone thinks and only cares about what matters to him. He thinks that money is the answer to all the problems. People dislike him because he isnt nice to anyone and he doesnt even care about himself.


The settings play a key role in the story because it starts off with him in school and having others being scared of him and not liking or believing what he is saying cause he is a liar. It shows his poorness and the need for a change. Then he goes to New York to aquire money and New York is a place where dreams can come true but he doesnt end up making it.


Throughout the short story there are many symbols that represent the feelings Paul has towards life and society. The red robe for example expresses his audacity in a daring way while the paintbrush means something dear to him. The red carnation is said to be linked with his life and how it just falls into the snow when he commits suicide.


The theme of this short story is all about money and how it affects people. It starts off from the beginning from him being all raggedy and and living not to his expectations and he tries to go find his own way to be rich.


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