Life of a Newsie

Cassie Sebold

The Life of a Girl Newsie

Hello, my name is Shelby Parker, im seven years old. I am a newsie in Brooklyn, New York. At the moment, me, my mother, father, and two brothers live in a small apartment in Brooklyn. It isn't the biggest or cleanest but with low income, it will have to do for now. My brothers are both newsies too. Which is alot of help because they guide me n help me out alot. Right now my dad works for the postoffice and my mom stays home. With not alot of money, i usually dont have many things to wear. Right now im wearing a pair of very worn old sneakers, a light jacket (which dosnt do much good for me in the winter) and a pair of jeans with about three holes in them. My mother said that she would get me a new pair of shoes soon but who knows when that will be. So for now these will have to do. Today while out in the city, i saw this building, and i asked my brother what it was and he said that there were people living in there! How could someone afford living in that house? I told myself I would live in a building that big when I get older. But for now, our filthy apartment will have to do. When i grow up, I'll work in the biggest building in Brooklyn and be very rich! (I have very high hopes) Hope you enjoyed my blog!