PCHS Weekly Updates

June 8, 2022

Note from Mrs. McBride & Mrs. Woods

PCHS Community,

We did it!!! This has been quite a year, one animated by some of the lowest of lows and highest of highs. We endured Tik Tok challenges, contact tracing and quarantines, the loss of a beloved student and a colleague, the most significant mental health challenges we've seen in our careers leading to a crisis in access to external mental health support, a societal climate that often brought communications assuming the worst and firing on all cylinders, staffing challenges amidst what's been deemed the Great Resignation (over 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021), school shootings with one so close to home it manifested a local chain of false threats on social media causing us all to be on even higher alert, and many are feeling the financial pinch brought on by global crises.

And despite all of this, our students pulled off incredible plays, musicals, festival performances, pep assemblies, and dances, including a beautiful outdoor Homecoming and the only Winterfest in the county. Our student-athletes achieved some of the most impressive records and made some of the most significant college commitments in school history. New clubs were started. Seminar afforded us the opportunity to connect in new and important ways. One of our teachers was named MI Regional Teacher of the Year. Teachers had babies and grandbabies and got engaged. And we as a staff shared meals together almost weekly, celebrated the wins - big and small - and found creative ways to just have fun together. There is so much to be proud of and to smile about.

The field of education is hard, but we signed up for this. We are grateful to be able to work together and with your children every day. This job requires passion, and the PCHS staff has it in their cores. We look forward to this place every day, no matter the challenge thrown our way, and we know we are lucky to say that. Thank you for your support, your trust in us to keep your children safe, connected, and learning in meaningful ways, for your feedback, and for your commitment to this school community.

We wish everyone a fantastic summer!

Mrs. McBride & Mrs. Woods

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PCHS Summer Hours

The PCHS Main Office hours will be:

  • June 9-June 30 - 9:00am-2:00pm
  • July - Closed
  • August 1-August 26 - 9:00am-2:00pm

Start of 2022-23 School Year

  • Registration Days: Week of August 15-19. Further details to come.
  • First Day of School Year: Monday, August 29.

Medication, Work Permits, & Technology

Medication: A parent or guardian must pick up a student's medication by next Friday, June 17 or we will dispose of it. Pick-up must occur within the PCHS summer hours.

Work Permits: Work permits can be picked up in the PCHS Main office during our summer hours. If outside of PCHS summer hours, please visit the District Office behind Pathfinder. Work permits must be filled out by the employer first before a school district administrator can sign off on them.

Technology: If you have a tech issue over the summer, you must fill out a helpdesk ticket at helpdesk.pinckneypirates.org. Our IT Team is located at the District Office behind Pathfinder.

PCS Summer Book Bus & Delivery!

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Stay Connected to PCHS 22-23 Developments Here!

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Looking for Pinckney Gear?

Explore what the P2 store has to offer and make an online purchase here!


Or head on over to our athletic site here!


A Pirate's Best Friend - Updates

We are so blessed to be part of this amazing community as an anonymous donor has given $10,000 that will fund the full amount needed to provide a Therapy dog at our high school, which will secure our 4th dog, leaving us just one short of our district goal of 5. What a tremendous gift and a great way to end this school year! Go PIRATES!! We are grateful to every single one of you who has supported this effort.

Reflecting on Seminar @ PCHS

This year, Seminar @ PCHS had 3 objectives: student well-being, academic success, and a healthy school climate.

First of all, we would like to thank the PCHS staff who worked with a Seminar group this year. This 3-hour/week effort required significant creative energy and personal connection on behalf of the teachers, and they took this on with grace. Many Seminar teachers even served as club advisors during this time, balancing a Seminar group and their club's endeavors simultaneously.

We went into this year knowing it was going to be unique in terms of students' needs and well-being as a result of the pandemic. While I'm not sure anyone could have fully predicted the extent of the toll and how it would manifest, we were proactive about protecting the time to be ready to prioritize students' well-being, their success, and the health of our school climate. By the end of the year, many students came to rely on Seminar for extra work time, extra support from specific teachers, to meet with clubs they came to love, and to just have a space to decompress. We believe this was the right move.

Looking towards next year, we believe Seminar still has a valuable and relevant role to play in helping us to strive towards our vision of PCHS being a place where every single person is connected, empowered, and prepared to succeed in the path of their choosing. Therefore, we will continue to have Seminar, but it will be for 1-hour instead of 3, and on Fridays. Students' Seminar will be their 3rd hour class. On Fridays, students will go to their 3rd hour, but the first 60min will be Seminar, and the last 30min will be the 3rd hour content area class.

We look forward to refining our approach to Seminar within this revised 60-min framework, prioritizing the activities students and staff found most impactful. Stay tuned!

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Upcoming Events & Important Dates

PCHS Calendar: Check out the ongoing school year calendar here!

  • Monday, August 29: First Day of 2022-23 School Year
  • Friday, September 2: No School
  • Monday, September 5: No School - Labor Day

Upcoming Week's Athletic Schedule - Go Pirates!!

Get your tickets to any and all games here! --> https://gofan.co/app/school/MI10053

Follow along for all athletic tryout, registration, and updates at https://pinckneypiratesathletics.com/

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2022 PHS Sideline Tryouts

Counselors' Corner

In this area, you will find relevant opportunities for building your college and career awareness and ensuring you have access to all of the information necessary to make your post-secondary plans a reality!

If you have any questions please let your counselor know:

Ms. Robinson (A-Le) - arobinson@pinckneypirates.org

Mrs. Perales (Li- Z) - aperales@pinckneypirates.org

PCHS Summer School

What is credit recovery?

● Summer classes run 10 weeks

● Classes start June 3, Classes end August 12 at 11:59 PM

● The end date of August 12 is a hard deadline; there are no extensions.

● Classes are asynchronous and all content is front-end loaded (Yes! You can work ahead!!!)

● All courses have a pacing guide, broken down by week to keep you on track!

● As soon as you are registered you can begin working on your class. Please get started

now. Do not wait until our first in-person check-in.

Do I have to pay for summer classes? / How much does it cost?

● The cost of an Essentials version (credit recovery class) is $107.50

● The cost of a Plus class (credit advancement) is $162.50

●You need to pay for your class by June 24, 2022, or you will be dropped from the course. This charge will be added to your student account on MiStar.

● If you determine the program is not for you, classes need to be dropped by June 24 or

you will be charged.

What are the student expectations?

● All summer school students must check-in IN PERSON for a minimum of 3 hours a week in Pathfinder Room 404/405 on the Pathfinder Campus.Copy of Credit Recovery Calendar

● The first check-in will be the week of June 13th.

● It is critical for students to check their email daily, communication from Michigan Virtual

and their Mentor will come through email.

● Students are expected to follow class pacing guides, completing assignments and

assessments in order.

What can I expect from my Michigan Virtual Teacher?

● All academic support and instruction will be provided by the Michigan Virtual teacher

● If you are struggling with course content, reach out to your teacher ASAP, ten weeks will

go by quickly, so don't allow yourself to get behind!

● All grading is done by the MV teacher (teachers have 72 hours M-F) to complete grading

● MV teachers have 24 hours (M-F) to respond to email.

*If you are a student with a 504 or IEP, your documentation will be sent to your instructor.

Is there tutoring help available?

● Yes! This is brand new through Michigan Virtual!!! When you are logged into Brightspace (MV's learning management system), there will be a “Tutor Services” link on the top menu bar. Click there for help!

What can I expect from my Summer School Mentor (Ms. Kim Cummins)?

● Face-to-face weekly progress meetings.

● I will work to support you and keep you on track so you can successfully complete your

summer courses.

● I will help facilitate communication between you and Michigan Virtual if needed

● I provide passwords so you can access tests and quizzes. It may take up to 24 hours for

me to secure passwords from instructors so please plan ahead.

● If parents are looking for progress/grade updates please feel free to email me and

request that information.

● I will be checking my email on Tuesday through Thursday each week, that will be the most expeditious way to get in

touch with me this summer kcummins@pinckneypirates.org.

● I look forward to working with you this summer!


Kim Cummins


Local Opportunities

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Local Employment Opportunities

Pinckney Community Schools: https://pinckneypirates.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx

If you know someone who would thrive in a small learning community environment focused on student connection, empowerment, and preparedness for life beyond high school, send them our way!

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Managerial Reminders

  • Full-Day Schedule: 7:30am-2:30pm
  • Half-Day Schedule: 7:30am-10:55am
  • Friday Early Release Schedule: 7:30am-1:09pm
  • PCHS is a closed campus. Only those approved to leave the building (i.e. for CTE, Dual Enrollment, Co-Op, sign-out) may exit the building during school hours, and only through the South entrance. This is in service of ensuring all students are safely where they should be!
  • If running late to school, students need to park in the Main Entrance lot (South side) in order to sign in at the Main Office. The North doors will be locked after 7:45am.
  • Students are now assigned parking spots as a part of purchasing a parking pass. Make sure you're parking in your spot!
  • PCS Transportation Code of Conduct
  • 7th-12th Grade PCS 2021-22 Student Handbook
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