2015 year in Review


Top three companies

Top products made in 2015

Top worst products in 2015

Two top movies

Top artist of 2015

Top hip hop artist

top 5 best hip hop artist of 2015


2-Kendrick lamar

3-Travis $cott

4-Wiz Khalifa

5-Young thug

New year resolution

1- I plan to get my stamina up. I play soccer and the thing that hurt me a lot in my playing was my stamina and I plan on working on that by running a lot.

2- I plan to keep my true friends closer. I also hope to be a good friend and be there whenever I am needed. I hope to listen to my parents a little more than I used to.

3- I plan to stop procrastinating and do my work when I am suppose to. I plan to be with good people at all times and not to land in trouble.