George Washington

1st president


Did you know that George Washington didn't have a middle name? Or that he didn't attend collage? All those facts are true about the guy we all know George Washington. Keep reading if you would like to here more about George Washington.


when Goerge was little his dad migrated to vergina . well that happend the rest of the faimly was promust land by henry but his faimly lost lots of his wealth. so his grand father Lawrence moved to vergina and little information is there about him.George and the rest of his faimly lived a good but hard life in England. George was the eldest and was the only kid to migrate to vergina and became the president .


He was a great person. People don't think that because he had slaves. But he released them. He learned from his mistakes and gave us freedom.

Hard times in life

George had a hard time making the army and creating the government. He was the first president so he had to creat the government and had to creat an army by him self. People had to risk there life to help serve for our country's freedom.


George was a president! He became a president when he became leader of the army and led the army so good that ounce we won we needed someone to lead are state so we would have money and a army for war. So a college came up with election. Then since he led our country he became the president and john Adams was elected Vice President so he was second president.


One of George's quotes is "it's better to be alone then in bad company"

Fun facts

Did you know that George didn't have a middle name?

Or that he didn't go to collage?