Module 2 - Arduino

Edin Ibric

ACTIVITY #4 - Arduino

Create & Sell This Product!

The product that I’m proposing to to create using the arduino as the foundation for the technology is the 360 degree viewer. The 360 viewers are designed to allow the wearer to see 360 degrees around them all at once, which will change the scope of how we see the world and never miss anything happening around us. The 360 degree viewer will also be constantly recording and sending the recorded images and sounds to your smartphone or other devices and storage clouds to be used as 360 degree memories of your life events. The arduino components would be the intelligence to drive the device and allow it to communicate with your smart devices.

What It Looks Like

The product will look fairly unassuming and resemble sort of headband with a series of small cameras placed in specific spots on the band spanning the circumference of the band. There will also be micro panoramic view screens for each eye to see the 360 view when desired. The view screens can be attached to glasses, sunglasses or be attached to the band depending on what the viewer requires.

The Audience and Market

The product is aimed at athletes who might benefit from being able to see everything around them giving the wearer the ability to see if their opponents may be sneaking up on them. I could also see it being useful to a larger market in law enforcement, bike couriers and anyone that would benefit from seeing all around them all at once. It may increase safety and efficiency for many professions but still be something useful for the average user as well.

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